Friday, February 4, 2011


Things have been a big hectic these past twenty-four hours ~ a series of minor crises, so a short post.

A man goes to a psychiatrist.  He says, "my wife sent me, because I really like sausages."  The doctor says "that's not unusual.  I like sausages too."  The man breaks into a broad smile and says "you must come to my house.  I have thousands."

In addition to the comments, I received a few e-mail responses to my post on panties the other day.

There were two types of responses:
Women wrote "I can't believe you have that many!  I have Just Enough to get me to the next washday.
Gurls wrote "Yup.  I'm a collector too."

As usual, I'm torn.  I'd like to be more like the women I admire, but it's nice to know I'm an average transvestite.

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  1. i didn't expect the thousands part.I think that goes for guys too, i have just enough till the next laundry, and maybe 2 or 3 in the emergency suit case.


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