Monday, January 31, 2011

Foiled Again


It looks like one of the classmates can't make it tomorrow.  Family away day may be ON.  That means I spend the evening planning my day off.  The weather doesn't sound promising but a Meg day at home is better than a drab day anywhere.

Maybe I will stop on the way home and look for a new dress.  And I've had this aching for a pair of platform shoes.  Maybe not the ones here, but something like them.

end update
The family was planning a day ski trip on Tuesday.  I was planning a Meg day ~ it's been months, and I need to get out.  I have everything planned and ready and... my oldest needs to work on a project with two classmates and Tuesday is the only day.  And here is the only place.

It's still possible that Things Will Change, but I'm not hopeful.  At least I didn't go buy a new dress!  But I did want to see how the new primer works.


  1. I know that feeling so well but when the day comes it is just wonderful. I hope it happens for you soon.


  2. So disappointing! Hey, if you shut down internet access in your house, maybe the kids can work somewhere else.

  3. Linda ~ I'm Queen (sic) Of The Router so I can shut them down, but during that snowstorm power outage he just tethered. It gets too easy now.

  4. Updated comment...

    As Halle would say.. yay! :)

  5. The weather has caused so many disruptions to my planned "Dani days" this season that I have stopped trying to plan them. I just keep some stuff ready in case I manage to squeeze one in, as I did today. Fortunately, because the rest of the week looks like a complete bust!

  6. Dani ~ I'd pay money to have a day that was a "complete bust." Or any kind of bust, really.


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