Friday, January 21, 2011

Spitsy! I Never Suspected

Lincoln Peirce's "Big Nate" is a fun strip.  This is the first one ever that's blog material.

Nate is a typically atypical teenager.  He hates cats but loves dogs.  He hangs around with Spitsy, a neighbor's dog, only because his dad won't let him have one.  He's a cartoonist whose cartoons often get him in trouble.  He thinks that the girls all love him, that he's a master sportsman, that he's a budding rock star.  He's wrong on all counts, but he never seems to notice. A friend convinced him to play chess once, and it turns out he's a chess genius without even trying. 

The only kid who tops him in everything he tries is his arch-rival Artur, who is better in the band, beats him at chess, and is dating the girl who won't give Nate a second glance.

My sons play chess and we used to go to an annual chess tournament in Washington.  The place we played had several Big Nate chess cartoon prints on the walls, some autographed.

Be sure to click for full size!  The artwork is wonderful.

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  1. I like Big Nate, too.

    Interesting that you recommend clicking to full size. In many newspapers, the comics pages have been reduced so much that they look like the version before you click to full size. I know it makes the cartoonists and readers crazy. I'd pay an extra quarter for full size comics on the weekend.


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