Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guten Tag, meine Freunde!

I've been looking at the stats for this blog.  I've already talked a bit about searches, but I was wondering where my readers are.  My goal is to someday meet every single one of you.  All six. :)

Not surprisingly, about 3/4 are from the good ol' U S and A, as Pogo called it.  The UK is second, followed by Canada.  Recent stats show Canada is catching up to the United Kingdom.  I generally have about half as many Australian readers as Canadians.

Well, duh.  English-reading people read my English-written blog.

But the number four country, consistently ahead of Australia, is Germany!  German is the only language, other than English, that I speak more than a few words of.  Like most Americans, foreign languages are, um, foreign to me.

What do you call someone who speaks two languages?  Bilingual
What do you call someone who speaks three languages?  Trilingual
What do you call someone who speaks one  language?  American.

(insert rimshot here)

The top ten all-time continues with The Netherlands, which is a surprise.  Italy, France, and Spain come next.  Then a non-English, non-European country: Columbia!

Someday, when life pauses, I'm going to get complete stats and figure out where I have the most readers, per capita.

My more recent stats have a couple of other surprises.  In the last week, I had a dozen or so hits from Belize and twice that from Greece.  Yesterday, Ireland and Qatar (!) and Sweden made the top ten.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go find out where Belize is.

(ps: I still don't know exactly where it is, but the first image result for Belize led me here. I need to book a flight.)


  1. Fun to find out your stats.

    The Netherlands makes sense to me. Most people there speak English and it seems like a fairly open minded society.

    Why is there no "u"in Qatar? Qatar is probably an anglicization (is that a word?) of the country's Arabic name so why not throw a u in there?

    Nice to read a reference to Pogo. Sometimes I think I'm the only one old enough to remember Walt Kelly's amazing comic. 'Course, you've probably only read about Pogo in history books or perhaps you were one of those precocious kids who started reading Pogo at 3.

  2. (Meg puts on stylish and sexy nerd hat)

    Q with no U is a gutteral sound like "Ach!" which most people without a middle eastern or German-like language can't pronounce properly.

    (hat's off ~ comic lover hat on instead. It looks like this:

    And I read Pogo back when they used to call me Grundoon. Pogo was the strip I skipped because I couldn't get past the lettering. Then PT Bridgeport showed up and I started reading and kicking myself for not reading sooner.

    I wanted to grow up to be Miz Mam'selle Hepzibah but instead I'm more the Miss Sis Boombah type.

    And for those of who don't know these characters wear your old bra for one more year and buy a couple of Pogo books instead!

  3. Travelling in Europe most of the Dutch, Belgiums and Germans I have met speak a fair bit of English and read more, the French are different, after all Chauvin was a frenchman! have you thought that maybe you have a regular reader on a world tour?


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