Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Filet of (Cami)sole

Yesterday, I wrote:

There are two types of camisoles. One has wide straps, one has narrow straps.

Wide straps are better under drab shirts. They're pretty much like undershirts.

Narrow straps can be hard to hide, especially if they're adjustable.

Oops.... There are wide straps, straps with lace, narrow straps, narrow adjustable straps, spaghetti straps, adjustable spaghetti straps.... There are probably more different types of straps than the total number of (male) shirts I own.

And there are not just long and short ~ there are lengths from above navel to tunic length.  You can consider full slips to be a really long camisole.  Or a camisole as a short slip.   There are a steady range of neck openings, from high all the way down to ohmygod. There are cotton, ribbed cotton, nylon, stretch, and silk. I have a velour camisole.

They come in white and pink and light pink and dark blue and any colour or pattern or print you can imagine. There are plain ones and ones with lace around the collar and lace around the waist and lace on the straps and any combination. There are ones with bows.  I have a camisole with a side zipper.

A few years ago, I tossed out my undershirts, and replaced them mostly with these.  (By the way, the price for these at Amazon is very good.  I may buy another pack.)  But I also have silky white ones and white ones with a bit of lace ~ just a bit. And I have a few tank tops in different colours to wear under different colour shirts.

I've been doing a bit of inventory lately, and trying to see what I should eliminate from my closet. To that end, I've been wearing a different cami under my shirt each day. Sometimes, only a plain white one will work. Other times, I stretch the envelope as much as I can.

I save the adjustable and spaghetti straps for when I'm wearing a denim or other heavy shirt. That means I won't get to all of them before the weather gets warmer.

I am wearing lacy camis, or ones with narrower straps under my regular clothes when it probably won't show. As readers here have pointed out, accidental outings are probably not a good idea.

No, I don't think I'm done yet.


  1. Camisoles are wonderful. I have several of the types you have mentioned and like you have eliminated all of my boy t-shirts. With the cold weather, I wear a ribbed knit cami, usually white, under my shirts. Some days I'm able to wear different colors. I like the black ones, they seem to be warmer than the others. Love your blog.

  2. Geez, I'm going to have to get mine out... and find those filets I bought a couple months ago! :)


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