Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heart and (Cami)sole

There are two types of camisoles.  One has a built-in bra, one does not.

The ones without are better under men's clothing.  Even if it's just some extra support, the band may show through in the back if you tense the fabric of the shirt at all.  I noticed this little problem at work on Friday, when I wore one under my denim shirt.  I thought the denim shirt covered everything but I was wrong.  I doubt anyone noticed.  I hope no-one noticed.  Anyway, no-one said anything.

The ones with give a feeling of wearing a bra under your clothes.  If that appeals to you, go for it.  Keep in mind what I wrote above.  Maybe it's best when you'll be keeping a jacket on.

There are two types of camisoles.  One is fitted to your bust, one is not.

Under men's clothing, a camisole that just hangs is better.  Over pads (or your own self, for the gifted among us), fitted is clearly better.

There are two types of camisoles.  One has wide straps, one has narrow straps.

Wide straps are better under drab shirts.  They're pretty much like undershirts.

Narrow straps can be hard to hide, especially if they're adjustable.

No, I'm not done.

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  1. All excellent issues to consider. This past weekend I spent an good amount of time partially dressed...skirt, top, bra, breasts, slip/cami. No wig or makeup. Since I had several errands to run and we had dinner plans with friends I needed to change to guy mode. I left my bra, slip/cami and pantyhose on but needed to be aware to wear heavy enought clothes to keep things hidden.
    Yesterday I came to work with the same under attire since the office was closed and the only people here were those trying to catch up on work.
    Total awareness of what you have under you guy attire is a part of who we are.


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