Friday, January 7, 2011

Princess Boy

If you haven't heard about this, it's interesting but I wonder what the whole story is.  It feels like something's missing, or wrong.

See a brief article and the Today show appearance here.

The child has the right answer at the end of the clip: "it's fun to wear dresses."

So that's why we do it!

While we're on the subject, read this article.  It's well-written and reasonable.  I like that in an article.

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  1. With each passing day, week, year we are starting to see more and more acceptance.

    For the most part it was a decent article but there still seems to be an undercurrent that 'boys in dresses equal gay'.

    Woman's clothes, the makeup, the lingerie, the heels, the entire package of feminity is greatly appealing to the hetero CD.
    Isn't the attraction, in large measure, for a hetero CD to women and things that are feminine?
    In large measure, isn't the attraction for gay men, men and things that are masculine? Do not lesbian woman find other women attractive?
    Are woman's accoutrements, their dress, etc. as meaningful to TS as they are to a CD? Does a TS male identify as being female in a way that is different and distinct from the core sentiments of a hetero CD?

    Why does the article note the possibility that the little princess boy may grow up to be gay but does not, conversely, posit that the little girl with the interest in Superman and Star Wars may be on the path to lesbianism?

    Acceptance and understanding is slow in coming but even baby steps forward help.


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