Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Should I Say...?

My wife sent me an e-mail. She send mass e-mails. I don't.

This one had the subject A PSA from the TSA and went as follows:

Year to date statistics on Airport screening from the Department of Homeland Security
Terrorist Plots Discovered                   0
Transvestites                                     133
Hernias                                             1,485
Hemorrhoid Cases                         3,172
Enlarged Prostates                         8,249
Breast Implants                             59,350
Natural Blondes                                    3

Should I tell her I'm one of 133?

I better not.  And if I was more paranoid I'd probably be hiding and thinking ohmygodsheknows!

(follow up:  P must've been on her distribution list ~ he just forwarded me the same thing.  I am way too tempted!)


  1. I'm surprised that your wife doesn't read your blog by now. I know that my wife, several of her relatives and a few of my customers read mine...

  2. Alice, I don't think she could find it. And I like it that way!

  3. Meg
    I was just about to send this same email along to you. I received it from 4 separate people in the past few days. Like you, I would like to think that it was just email friends spreading a bit of current TSA humor, but, I am not sure either us can be too certain.

    In your case you may be able to get away with a 'rally' related quip such as telling 'P' that this is the reason that Christine O'Donnell only walks, drives or takes the train and why you/Christine stay away from airports. You can tell 'P' that your 'right-wing' alter ego does not want to be prodded or probed by the Feds or that she is afraid that they was take away her lucky witch's amulet.

    I have been clocked under dressing at airports on 3 occasions and two of the Federal buildings that I have occasion to go to, in addition to making me pass through a magnamometer and running my briefcase and pocket change through a metal detection machine, routinely make me raise my pants legs above my socks. I have never been challenged for my under attire but, if truth be told, I would just as soon not have federal agents poking about my body or checking out what I choose to wear under my pants.


  4. Pat, I go through airports with a pocket full of change, my charm bracelet, my necklace and never set off an alarm.

    The one time I had to remove every drop of metal and still get patted down was the one time I had to enter a women's prison. I am not making this up, and, no, there's not really a story behind it.

  5. Different people write their blogs in different ways and aimed at different people. I write my blog for the transgendered community and would not want my wife to read it, though I have nothing to be ashamed about what I write, just that it is not aimed at her.

    With regard to P, having followed the story I think that they know.

  6. I do hope you don't mind, I have just copied this post and your url to http://crossdressers-forum.com/forums/index.php I know I should have asked first, but it just linked into the topic stream so well

  7. I don't mind, Paul. And did anyone ever tell you you sometimes look a lot like Edda?


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