Thursday, January 13, 2011

Am I Honest Enough?

I joined a discussion group a couple of weeks ago.  It's associated with a newspaper I'm familiar with, but don't read.

I joined because there was a thread on transvestites.

I joined as Meg and identified my "affiliation."  I picked a stock avatar (red high heels) and posted several comments in that thread.  I answered questions from several people.  No-one else identified themselves as a crossdresser, and I felt I was doing some good by educating the masses.

I've posted on a few other threads since then.  Most are just chat, or politics.  I also changed my avatar to a photo of Meg, once I found out how to do that.

The same people show up in different threads.  A couple are ubiquitous.  It seems I can't find a thread they're not on!

Either no-one remembers my introduction, or no-one cares.  I'm not sure which.

I'm trying to decide if I should re-introduce myself.  There is an "introductions" section, but if I do post something there, there's no guarantee that the people I'd be chatting with would ever read it.  Anyone who's interested can find all of my messages and see where I began.

I feel like I should start each discussion with "just a note... I'm not a girl" but of course I won't.  I'm going to keep my "Meg" membership because I'm getting known as that American left-winger in the political chats.  Maybe gender doesn't matter.

I'm thinking that I've done enough.  I haven't hidden my identity.  I tried to link to my blog, but I was told that personal contact information is forbidden and the link was removed.  As far as I know, no-one followed the link before it was removed.  If a reason to mention that "I'm not a girl" comes up again, I'll remind them.  If there's a crossdress thread, I'll join in with "as a crossdresser...."

But until then....

Am I being honest, or deluding myself?


  1. It could be that your gender...and your cross-gender status...are simply not relevant in the context of the discussions.

  2. Hi Meg, I think you are being honest. It is the others who are not paying attention or you have achieved the best and they do not care but value your opinion and wish to hear more regardless of who or what you are. You are Meg to them and that is all that matters. Good!

  3. Hi Meg, I think this is being honest, it is just another aspect of going out as Meg. When you undertake other activities as Meg you do not wear a banner round your neck saying "I'm not actually a girl" so why do it here, unless your particular experience in cross dressing is relevent.


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