Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

Last night, I went to an event at my synagogue.  I got there early and the sign telling where different events were was absent.  I walked over to the office and there was A, the woman who's probably the contact for the women's retreat I mentioned yesterday.

I asked where the event was.  She checked her calendar and said "it's not tonight."  I pulled out the monthly bulletin and showed her where it was announced.  She looked at a newer calendar, found it, and told me where it was.

I figured it's time to test the waters.

I said "I doubt you'd let me go to the event I really want to attend."  She looked puzzled and said "what's that?"  I turned the bulletin over and showed her the announcement for the retreat.  She laughed and said "we're also planning a men's retreat."  I said "that wouldn't be as much fun."  She did a fake pout and said "you can't go."

The event is the start of a monthly meditation class.  We each introduced ourselves and said why we came.  I said "kismet.  I never look at the bulletin but this time I did and I saw the class.  I thought I should go to at least one temple event, and I didn't think you'd let me go on the women's retreat you just announced."  Some laughter around the room and the facilitator said "we're planning a men's retreat" which I left hanging.

Did I seriously out myself and start a discussion?  No.  But the idea is out there and I'm known to beat a joke to death,  Next time I see A, I'll work on it.  Just a little.

It would be a lot of fun, and a heckuva experience.


  1. Next time someone mentions that they're planning a men's retreat, you could ask if they're considering organising a retreat for those (of us) that are undecided. It's up to you whether to include the bracketed bit. :)

  2. Alice, I LOVE that and I'm gonna use it.

  3. Meg
    You are great. Years ago my kid had a "No Fear" t-shirt that read "If you're not living on the edge you are taking up too much room."
    It is always fun to toss the balls in the air and see what happens.


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