Monday, January 24, 2011

I Want One! OK, I Want Two!!

When I was younger, shops that catered to crossdressers were few, far between, and almost invariably ripoffs.  I was always tempted, because I was terrified to go into a regular women's shop, but I also didn't want to be caught in a shop like that!  And I was perpetually trying to pay next month's rent.

Now, I shop pretty much anywhere.  There are still crossdresser shops and websites that are ripoffs.  There's one in particular I've been trying to decide if I should "out" here.  They are horrid.

But I really like Glamour Boutique.  I've bought forms and some other material there and the service is spectacular, the quality is excellent, and the prices more than reasonable.  I've written about them before, here and here.  And they sponsor Fictionmania, which, to me, is a big plus.

They started sending occasional e-mails touting new products along with some other information.  Getting these are a hazard of shopping on line, as you all know.  I almost invariably delete these immediately.  Sometimes I open it just to find out how to unsubscribe.  I like the one I get from Jameco, and I like the one from Galmour Boutique.  They're very occasional, and they discuss my absolute favourite topic!

I was amazed when I saw their latest breast forms.  I Want These Forms.  I need to figure out how to justify the cost.

I want these forms!


  1. I cannot remember the last time a price tag made me suck wind! GASP! It almost makes me glad to be an old broad... nobody is going to be looking for my cleavage, so no second mortgage for me! :-D



  2. I want a pair too! but Halle is right Wow! that's expensive but I bet they feel amazing. I have always wanted to try and wear my forms without a bra using tape but have resisted because I don't want to spoil them by having glue/tape residue all over them. and I am not sure is solvent cleaners which would get rid of the glue would damage the forms. But to wear a T shirt in summer without a bra would be so wonderful.

    Hugs Helen xx

  3. Meg,

    These forms look amazing. I may have to raid my piggy bank.

    Speaking of shopping, I love that many women's shoe styles are now generally available to size 11 and even 12. 30 years ago, it was very difficult to find size 10 shoes. Now it seems that most styles are available in size 10 and many in size 11. I remember that the specialty shoe places that catered to "tall women" in the "olden days" seemed to have either matronly flats or very low heels or complete fetish wear. I'm so glad there are more styles available now in larger sizes and at more places.

  4. I currently use Amoena Contact forms, which have a permanent adhesive on the back. Here in Australia, they cost about $770 to $860 a pair. Even considering postage, with the Australian dollar about equal to the US$, those forms would be about the same price!

    If I was confident that the edges really would disappear and that they would be durable enough and easy to apply and remove, I'd order a pair right now! They would revolutionise my wardrobe. :p

  5. I've seen these, and OMG.. they are a dream.. I guess if they delay the need for augmentation a while, and attach well without breaking down too much, they could be worth the cost. Not that I have that lying around as I try to figure out how to afford a place of my own, support for my wife in her place, and how to save for all of these transition-related expenses.. ain't none of it on the cheap side.. ::sigh:: I guess I see why girls who are younger & prettier than I sometimes take "questionable" routes to get through their journeys - money.

    BTW, I have seen another pair somewhere that were not as realistic as these (doesn't get much better without surgery I think), but they had temperature-reactive nipples (!). Wow. Merge these two items and viola, pseudo-mammary nirvana!


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