Wednesday, January 12, 2011


OK, starting next week:  Last week, I decided I would do weekday posts, then a cd-related cartoon (or two) on Saturday, then a non-cd cartoon (or two) on Sunday.

You can see how well that worked!

Making lemonade: Monday, my wife had to go to hospital for a minor procedure.  I decided to take the day off, to drop her off and pick her up.  The hospital is about a mile from a mall.  I'm still looking for primer, and (always) clothes. She told me that the procedure would be at 10, and she'd be ready to leave around noon.  I got to the mall around 930, visited a couple of shops when they opened at 10, and got to Sephora around 10:45.  I told the woman who offered to help that the last time I bought makeup, the sales associate gave me a couple of unlabeled primer samples.  I liked them and wanted to purchase primer.  After some chat and questions ("is this for dry skin? oily skin?") she very tentatively asked if it was for me.  I said it was she made some recommendations.  It seems every line has their own primer.  She offered to give me more samples; I said I'd buy what she recommended and then rethought that ~ I've bought products that make me break out, so I asked if I could get a foundation primer sample and I'll buy the eye shadow primer.  She gave me two.  Then the phone rang.  My shopping time was over.

Field trip? Right now, my wife is planning on taking the kids skiing next month.  I haven't been out, or even fully dressed, since Halloween.  If she goes, that'll change.  You'll be the first to know.

Next Swap I'll see if my friend who runs it has room in her new place for me to change before/after the swap.  She's living in a smaller apartment now, and usually has a lot of signs, centerpieces, coat racks, and so on cluttering up the place at swap time.  We'll see.


  1. You want Jokes? This one I created in my mind today .. just for fun.
    Denver Post Horoscope Today,
    Your strong drive comes out on the personal or domestic front.
    ME, I tell the wife "I want to dress as a girl all the time from NOW on"
    Horoscope You could wind up buying property or making an investment.
    Me Wife throws me out.. Need place to live.
    Horoscope Are you sure you want this?.
    Me DAMN, little late for this thought!
    Horoscope others around you appear to be unusually diffcult.
    Me " (talking to one of my friends) you want to be a girl.. and you need me to help you move? OH! I'm so busy".
    horoscope could it just be you?
    ME probably!
    Horoscope Tonight: Say "yes"
    ME yes, homeless shelter I need in out of the COLD!!!

  2. Meg- Nice. PLANs are just so...changeable!!
    Nothing works out as easily as I want, it seems, as regards dressing and such!
    Having son in PS3 mode around the house certainly doesn't help, lol!


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