Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's 11PM Arizona Time

2AM on my own personal clock.  I just got in from a fabulous time, dining and yapping, with Dorothy.

I thought Dorothy was going to be waiting in her car.  I walked past a woman sitting on the sofa in the lobby.  She looked at me and said "hi" so I said "hi" back and kept walking.  When I couldn't find her, I called and said "were you that woman sitting in the lobby?"  She was.

The end of the evening was also delightful.  Dorothy is the anti-Meg: she talks to everyone.  She started talking to the woman behind the counter at the hotel ~ I missed the start of the conversation but I think Dorothy said she looked familiar.  When I got to the counter, the woman said "is this lifestyle or Halloween?"  I was taken aback, but Dorothy immediately said "lifestyle" and we magically found another very accepting woman!  We had a great chat.

Details to follow.  I have to meet Liz at 9am and I've told you how long it takes Meg to get ready!

Oh... an open note to Lizzy, who wrote "Zevon rules!" after my post the other day: on a trip to London I stumbled upon Chinatown.  I started walking up and down streets until I found Lee Ho Fook's.  I didn't get a big dish of beef chow mein, but I did score a matchbook!


  1. "...we magically found another very accepting woman!"

    Not magic - that's Tucson for you!

    And don't tell me Dorothy failed to take any photos of the evening. She loves her camera even more than I love mine, I think. ;-)

    See you in a few!


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