Thursday, October 13, 2011

That Clothing Swap VII

Finally, just to prove I was really there, I asked Kim to take a couple of pictures of Meg.

My next trip out: I don't know.  They keep threatening to send me to Arizona again, but I can't get a definite date or duration.  My hope was to be in Tucson during Pride in the Desert.  I admit I am somewhat apprehensive about that, but ready to go.  I think my problem is crowd size, but it's pretty far outside my comfort zone as well.  If the timing works, I'll go.  My ideal was to go out before the weekend (travel today) and return in two weeks, spending the intervening weekend in Tucson.  But if they want to send me out next week, I'll go out as early Saturday as I can and spend at least a few hours there.  I'll stay in Tucson until Sunday afternoon and Meg can drive down.

This is still a possibility.  You'll be the first to know!

What Is It About Girls and Shoes?
Meg, Happy sand Relaxed


  1. What is it about girls and shoes? Well, I don't know about "real" girls, but for me, it's all the choices. As a guy, you basically have two or three possibilities: oxfords, sneakers (which are really just casual oxfords), loafers, sandals. And two colors: Black or brown (and white in sneakers). Compare that to the range of styles, heels, colors, etc. for "girls."

  2. Today's WaPo came with a Norstrom's supplement on heavy, glossy paper pushing... men's shoes. I took a look and said "how boring" and tossed it out.

    I mean, really!

  3. Meg - nobody would know you are not a real GG! great pictures.


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