Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coming Up Empty

I went to the Springfield mall, which is near my office and not very impressive.  I was hoping to find polo shirts, or something similar, at the Penney's there, but struck out.  I had looked in a Macy's a few days earlier so I didn't look again.  There is a Target in this mall, and they had a few shirts that would work.  One had long sleeves and I didn't like the only colour in my size.  The other styles had nothing in my size.

Also in Penney's, but they had an "Arizona Jeans" department in the Junior department.  They had some polos, with cap sleeves.  I saw that they also had Arizona Jeans in the men's department.  I asked someone if they had a misses section for that company.  It seems they do not.

I also went to Landmark mall, sort of on my way between work and home.  I tried the Land's End store in the Sears there ~ nothing.

I could look in Marshall's or one of those stores, but I find that it's better to only have a vague idea as to what you want when you shop there.  It's so unlikely you'll find the item you want... well, flexibility is the watchword.

An anonymous (local) reader suggested the Ralph Lauren outlet store ~ there is one in Woodbridge, not too far from my office.  I looked at the Lauren website and was a bit disheartened: the short sleeves were probably too short; the long sleeves looked OK but the shirts were around $100 each!  Target ($10-15) was much more purse-friendly.

And I just realised it's Thursday and I haven't picked out what I want to wear in Tucson yet!  I need a top and skirt, and a dress.  I'm thinking one of the scoop tops I scored at freecycle, and I have a lbd that I think I could wear to somewhere clubby, if I end up there.  Now....  Long skirt or short skirt?  And which shoes?

I actually have a love-hate relationship with choosing clothes.

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