Thursday, October 6, 2011

That Clothing Swap

The Best Shoes at the Swap!
This is what you call a cop-out.  The swap was August 7.  It's now two months later and I haven't written a word about it except for the pre-swap post.

So today, finally, I'm not going to write about the swap.

I usually write a few days in advance, and I move things around as Life Happens (or, better, Meg Happens).  So, for example, I had a post for the day after I met with Joanie but I bumped it because I was feeling so good when I got home that I just had to write about it.  Normally, Meg comes home and has to change and scrub and she crashes after all that and it's hard to write.

And right now, I have nothing to write about.  OK, that's far from true.  I have a long list of notes and ideas and I'm still stiffing Vanessa and that's wrong but my Muse isn't helping me.

But nothing's ready.

So, for the next few days, unless something changes, I'll be writing a bit about the swap each day and posting a photo.

And, ladies, I recommend going to a swap.  It's a great chance to be surrounded by clothing and women.  This is as close to Eden as I can imagine.

Although all of these pictures are on the clothing swap site, I decided that I'd try to avoid having the faces of random women on this blog.  So you'll see backs and profiles more than faces.  If someone is quite in the background, I'm making a judgement call that that's OK.  Although everyone seemed OK with me at the swap, some might not like to be seen on a T-blog.  What are the odds that anyone would find their picture here, or someone they know would say "hey, you're on Meg's blog?"  I figure the chances are minuscule and I'm being overly concerned, but I just didn't want y'all to think I'm just a really bad photographer.  This was deliberate editing.

The picture at the top of the post is, as I wrote, the best shoes at the swap.  I told the owner that, and that I loved her shoes.  I did that more than I expected, and surprised myself every time I did it.

Here she is, from the back.  She's pretty and I wish I had a better shot of the front of the dress ~ it's pretty too.  Click to make it larger.  And it was nice to not be the only woman in a dress there.

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