Friday, October 14, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

I am going to Sierra Vista in about ten days.  I have a strange position at work.  I'll pause while your creative minds try to figure out what sort of strange position I'm in.


OK.  I work for a subcontractor on a government contract.  That means my company, S, gets paid from the main company, C, after they get paid from the government.  My travel expenses go to S which approves them if I'm lucky; they then get sent to C which rubber-stamps it and send it to the gov which has all sorts of audits and oversight.

I wrote to my bosses (at C and S) and said I'd like to return Sunday instead of Saturday.  I'll pay the extra day's food, lodging, rental, and I'll fill up the car Saturday early so I'm using my own gas on my day off.

The people at C approved, as long as I am not using contract money for personal use.  I haven't heard from S, but I don't think it'll be a problem.

So I came home for the tricky bit.  I told my wife I'd be going to Arizona early on the 24th and working until late on the 28th.  And instead of coming home Saturday, I'd be staying an extra day so I can meet some "people like me" and spend the day there.  Her comment?  "Where's this?  Phoenix?"  I said "Tucson."  She said "How far is that?" and I reminded her that that's where I fly out of ~ it's the closest airport to Sierra Vista.

NO complaints.  NO arguments.  NO nothing.

She often goes to different seminars, or day things with her friends on the weekend.  I think this is why she's OK with me staying away for a day.  I hope to meet with some ladies from SAGA or Tri Ess.  And I really hope to see Liz again.

I am nervous and excited.  And nervous.  Did I mention that?


  1. I'm going to be an annoying nitpicker this morning. NO nothing is a double negative. :P

    Great news, Meg. I'm excited about the opportunity, but I'm even more excited about the lack of argument. Sounds like a step in the right direction, no?


  2. That's the beauty of tdy travel.
    If you preplan it can be really enjoyable. I'm glad you can get some "Meg time", plus, not have to worry about family matters that would interrupt. Hope, it works out, and you get alot good ideas, It's great have friends to disscuss like interests!

  3. Nice to hear about that little talk with your wife, Meg. :)


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