Sunday, October 23, 2011


While I was at the mall getting my haircut, I went to several mall stores, department stores as well as smaller shops.  I'm still looking for a polo shirt or two.

Too girly, right?
Old Navy suggested Eddie Bauer.  Eddie Bauer only had a shirt that looked more uni than it really was, once I got it home.  No problem.  It just goes on the other side of the closet.  I think if I had bought a more "neutral" colour (I go purple) it might have passed.  I may still bring it and wear it in Arizona.  It has a bit of a scoop neck, five or so (smallish) buttons, and it's not a single colour.  It has lighter purple patches on the shoulder and elbow ~ you can see it here.

I looked at a table of shirts and a woman came over and asked if I was looking for a particular size.  I said "large" and we found one in the stack I was looking through (white, at the time).  I brought it over to the register and the same woman was there.  I asked if I could try it on.

This is new for me.  I've (rarely) tried on women's clothing while in drab, but never brought attention to it.

She said "are you sure you wouldn't want to..." as she pointed to the men's side of the store.  I interrupted with a "yes."  She shrugged and we walked over to the fitting rooms.  She unlocked one for me and it fit rather well, but I wasn't sure about the white.  I looked at the other colours and chose the purple.

I then walked over to Land's End where I told the helpful woman who asked if she could help that I was looking for a polo shirt.  She said "women's?" and I answered in the affirmative.  She said they had a sale on summer clothes and pretty much everything was gone.  I did find an oxford-type shirt and a sort-of denim shirt: it wasn't really denim, but a lighter cotton in about the same colour.  I bought both and tried them all on on "dress night."  They fit fine.  Now I have two more girl shirts for the boy side of the closet and one seriously maybe.  If I do wear it (in Arizona), I think it'll raise eyebrows but it may get glossed over as an east-coast style.

I haven't decided.  And here it is, packing day!

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