Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Expect the Unexpected II

My wife is a therapist.  I tell friends that I'm her greatest challenge.  She's never figured out that that implies I'm her greatest failure. :D

She often tells me about clients, without naming names or giving any identifying information.

She's told he that she has had a couple of crossdresser clients, but that's not why they're seeing her so they don't really talk about it.  Not long ago, we had a discussion about one of her gay clients.  She urged him to come out to his friends.  I asked if that meant I should come out to my friends.  She was passionately against that, but couldn't (or wouldn't) explain how that was not hypocritical, or at the very least, extremely insulting to me.


The other night she told me about an female client who got stuck in a job she doesn't want, doing something she doesn't like.  She discussed what she does and does well, and they brainstormed about ways she could maybe turn something into a career, or at least a way to make some money doing what she likes.  One skill, my wife suggested a few ways she could turn that into a career.  She also mentioned that she had some cosmetics training and thought she was quite good at it.  My wife suggested she might find a niche, such as "doing makeovers for men who like to dress up."  That's how she expressed it to me; I don't know what wording she used with her client, or how she reacted.  When we have some time alone, I'll follow up and see if I can find out exactly what she said.

An aside: right before posting this, I checked freecycle and found WANTED: Dresser.  I am so tempted to reply!  "I may not be exactly what you're looking for but...."

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  1. Meg- That sounds like a good business opp. Like Karen's Femmefever


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