Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two Bits? I Wish!

For the record, I'm old enough to  know it, but not old enough to remember it.  My "shave [wax] and a haircut" cost almost 500 bits!  Extra bonus points to anyone who knows why twelve and a half cents is a "bit." :)

Yesterday, I skipped out on work early.  It's OK; I had to put in a ten hour day on Tuesday.

Before I go out as Meg I try to get my hair in order.  I got a haircut, I had the back of my neck waxed, and I had my eyebrows waxed.  My waxlady was very thorough.  She went somewhat further than just my neck, remembering that last time I said I might want to wear something sleeveless and if she could take care of what would be uncovered, I'd be grateful.  She went partway down my back, so maybe I can wear something with a lower back.  Usually I look for high backs.  I looked in a mirror when I got home.  With a camisole only my neck and upper back looks clear.  She didn't do the back of my shoulders, so I need to nair/shave that but it's worth a try.  I'll be sure to bring something sleeveless to Arizona.

I always have a nice chat with my waxlady.  She was surprised I didn't bring pictures of my latest outing, but I told her about the swap and Vanessa.  She assumed I was getting ready for Halloween; I told her I had no place to go, but I'd be away on business and meeting some girlfriends (I hope).  I told her that it takes me a couple of hours to "transform" but this is really the start of the process.

I asked her to do my brows "just a bit" more than last time.  I think they look good, but for fun I asked the haircutlady if she thought my brows were "trimmed too much."  She said they look a bit too curved.  I said "well, if I go out as a girl for Halloween, I'll be set."  She laughed.  I would tell her, but one of her coworkers is someone I know quite well.  I also know her kids and her husband.  My wife barely knows her but they have many mutual friends.  So that won't happen.

I have not shaved or otherwise de-haired my arms, hands, legs, feet, chest in a few weeks now.  I don't like the look but because Meg won't be out until the end of the week, I plan to take care of the pre-processing while I'm there.

I don't want to change my clock to Arizona time so it'll be early to bed and early to rise for me.  The office opens early and most people are done by 3 anyway.  I don't like getting an early dinner.  I feel old getting dinner at 4.  I just need to remind myself it's really 7 by my clock.  I plan to be in bed by 8 or 9 local, and up by 4 or so.  This means I'll do most of the things I usually do in the evening, in the early morning hours.  But I do plan to remove hair each evening.  I haven't decided how yet; I'll probably pick up a bottle or two of Nair in Arizona and stink up the room each evening.  Does anyone know a better hair removal chemical?  I'm open to suggestions.

And if i do a good, thorough job I may brave the world in a sleeveless or nearly so top so I can show off our handiwork.

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