Sunday, October 16, 2011

Polo Anyone?

In Sierra Vista, the uniform is casual bordering on slob for most of the guys in engineering.  The women wear jeans and polo or other casual tops.  I have limits as to how casual I am in an office, but polo shirts and jeans or khakis seem OK to me.

I have women's jeans and and other women's casual pants.  I have a couple of women's polos, but not many.  The tricky part is generally the sleeves.  Cap sleeves are the norm and are, of course, out.  A-bit-too-short sleeves don't bother me at all.

I've been going to department and big box stores looking for polos, without much luck.  There are lots in the men's department but nothing on the other side of the store.

For those of you who are wondering why I eschew men's polos while seeking out what is virtually the same shirt from the women's department, the simple answer is I have no idea.

But I do.

After I scored the freecycle Banana Republic shirts I mentioned yesterday, it occurred to me that I'm looking for shirts in all the wrong places.  I bet Banana Republic has polo shirts.  Or Land's End.  Or Old Navy.  The shirts here are all at Land's End.  There are several styles and uncountable colours (but do guys wear pale pink?  Or long sleeve polos?)!  I would like to find better prices though.,  Does anyone know are resources I missed?  I'd rather shop in person so I don't get something that seems OK but has a cutout back or is mesh or something unexpected.  I hate returning things.


  1. Guys probably don't wear pale pink or lavender either...but long sleeves are perfectly OK. In fact, my company has a long-sleeve polo-style uniform shirt for winter wear.

  2. I recently acquired a pale pink formal (man's) shirt, with button down collar, I had always avoided this colour thinking it would "not be me" but I have recieved quite a few compliments when wearing it, so why not?

  3. Try the outlets for lower prices. There's a Ralph Lauren (the original polo) outlet store in both Woodbridge and Leesburg outlets.


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