Monday, October 24, 2011

Westward Ho!

This is being posted while I'm in the air heading towards Houston, where I'll connect to Tucson, where I'll get a car and drive to Sierra Vista.  I'll get in to Tucson around 10, and I should get to SV by noon.  I'm thinking of taking a little time to check out the Tucson mall, which is about a dozen miles north of the airport, before I go.  I can get an early lunch (early for Tucson.  It'll be 1, eastern tummy time, when I land) and check out the shops before getting on the road.

In a comment a couple of days ago, one of my friends asked why I plan so much.  For, say, my Richmond trip or my Meg-at-the-rally day not so much planning was necessary.  But if I get to my destination without a wig or my pads or my contacts, well, that's game over.  She did have a good point though: I should have a list of "must haves:" things like the above items.  I can always buy cosmetics or clothes.  Even if I forget a razor, I can get another.  But breast pads are tough (and expensive!) to replace.  And I'd rather not get another wig (although I may go wig shopping anyway, just for fun).

And I almost made an error this time.  I'm dressed for work while in the air, since I'm going straight to the office.  Normally, for SV, that means a polo or similar shirt and jeans.  But you may recall I'm going to be removing my body hair over the next few days.  That means I'd show up Monday with hairy arms and Tuesday without.  Will anyone notice?  No.  At work, no-one even noticed my haircut, or my eyebrows.  But I don't want to answer questions, on the slim, outside chance someone does notice.  So I'm wearing my new denim-ish shirt today.  With a spaghetti-strap cami underneath.  The material isn't very heavy, but it's heavy enough to make the straps and details disappear.  I think.  Oh... this particular shirt looks like it could be a man's shirt, except some of the thread is pink.  No idea why they did that, but it's the sort of thing that I would have considered a show-stopper a couple of years ago.  On my journey to "I don't care," it's OK.


  1. I know that as I age my memory tends to get weak. If one travels a lot then a list is a good thing to have. I don't do much business travel any more but I have a list! Enjoy your trip to "I Don't Care", Meg! It's wonderful!

    As for your blog regarding "I don't care", I have to go with Pretty Sissy Dani. Wife and kids and their friends are what I care for, NOT myself.

  2. There's nothing wrong with planning. I wish I had the discipline for it. I imagine you spend less time planning than I do correcting preventable mistakes.



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