Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Morning Musings and a Bit of Business

She Said It

A few days ago, Stana wrote what I was trying to articulate.  She wrote a post about an old Black Velvet billboard she would see with a beautiful model on it.  She ended with:

Guys encountering such advertisements might wish that they could bed a Black Velvet model. Gals encountering such advertisements might wish they could look like a Black Velvet model.
I wished I could do both.

Nice and succinct and a very real difference ~ one that puts us sharply on the fence between women and civilians.  There's also a bit of regret there.  If I was sitting on that fence and I fell on the "bed" side, I'd be sorry I didn't land on the "look like" side.  And if I fell on the "look like" side, I'd be sorry I didn't land on the "bed" side.

I'm married and that's not going to change.  But I'm more reluctant to come out to (or even show pictures to) a really beautiful woman, because I'm afraid it'll kill my (already nonexistent) chances with her.

On occasion, I've said to a woman "if I was a girl, I'd want to look like you."  It's always taken as a compliment, but it's meant as such and as "really.  I mean it.  Can you help me look like you?"

No End in Sight

I'm still e-mailing P with little hints.  He's not biting, but he's not squashing it either.  I'll have the exchanges in a few days, after I feel it's run its course.

A Bit of Business

I am now a member of the Amazon affiliates program, just in time for the holiday spending season.  This means I may occasionally link to something of interest that Amazon sells, such as Kevyn Aucoin's excellent book on makeup called Making Faces.  I love this book because he does complete looks, and, bonus for us, he also makes a guy over as a girl.  Follow the link if you want to see what the particular item is.  But if you follow an Amazon link and buy anything I get a tiny kickback.  So if you say "I think I'll buy a Precision Twist 9/32" Taper Length Drill 118 Deg HSS L 6 1/4" Flute 3 7/8" for fifty cents or a Leica M7 "50 Year M" System with SUMMILUX-M 1:1.4/50mm ASPH Special Edition Set in Titanium for twenty grand, I get a tiny cut, as long as you go to Amazon from a link on my page.  It doesn't matter what you buy (and PLEASE don't buy that camera, unless you really want it!).  I don't get any information on you, just a tiny cheque every so often.  It helps me to buy muse food. :)

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