Monday, November 15, 2010

This Is Funny!

My anonymous friend Pat read the reviews for the panties I pointed at in my regular post today. She said "there are four reviews, and "[t]wo of the comments were from men (50%)".

It turns out that there are eight reviews; the page is a bit messed up, but if you go back and forth between the two pages of comments you'll find them all. But four of the eight are still from men!

We are everywhere!

By the way, I don't own that pair, but I am wearing patterned Jockey nylon/spandex today. I couldn't find a style number, but I recommend them. I'll update later, if I can find the style.

If anyone's bored today, check out other panty reviews and let me know the ratio.

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  1. Holy Moses! You caused a Macy's shopping/traffic jam with your link! LOL!

    Just kidding. I think they are having a super online sale or something - can't get to the link because of the heavy volume of traffic.


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