Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rally Report VI: Mythbusters

OK, I was wrong yesterday. There will be at least one more report after this. Maybe two.

The rally started with a pre-pre-show at 10, which was all on-screen: they played all of the clips about the rally from both shows, plus some musical numbers from each show.

At noon, the pre-show started, with a visit from the Mythbusters. I know about this show. I've never seen it. I don't watch much television.

They decided to make use of the crowd in a couple of experiments. They said the 150,000 person sample size exceeded their previously largest sample size by about 150,000.

The first experiment involved the wave. They started a wave in the front and timed how long it took to get to the back. Then they pitted the women against the men. When they told the women to wave, I dutifully joined in. When they had the men wave, I passed. I had considered doing both, but that felt wrong. This felt right. I wish I had looked to see how my companions (especially P) had responded to that

The men's wave was two seconds faster. The mythbusters ignored a more interesting fact ~ it took almost twice as long for half the crowd to wave: 30 seconds for everyone; almost a minute for the gender-split waves.

They also did dueling waves, from front to back and back to front at the same time.

They had us make a series of sounds in response to cues. Laugh, evil laugh, and some others. I had to pass on the "cheek pop." There are, of course, three ways to get this sound. One is to pucker and puff out your cheeks and slap your cheek. Or you can pucker and puff out your cheeks and hit your mouth straight on. Or you can put a finger in your mouth and flick at your cheek from the inside.

I knew, no matter how I did it, it would fatally affect my makeup. I had to pass.

They also set up a seismometer to see if 150,000 people jumping simultaneously would cause a ripple. I hesitated, because of the heels, but I jumped. I probably didn't jump as hard as I could, but I jumped.

The seismometer reading was minimal. But the next day, there was a water main break right near the mall. I do wonder about that.

Looking back, I think it's interesting that I fell comfortably into the female role, really for the first time. For a long time, I didn't. Flying, I didn't at the start of the trip but by the end I think I did.

This time, it was more me than a role. I felt that I looked right, and I didn't have to think about every little thing as much as I had in the past. I was conscious of and accommodating to my uncomfortable friend, but I mostly was just another woman in a crowd. As I said, maybe that added to his discomfort.

That's not my problem. I was being myself, and loving it.


  1. Following your blog as closely as I have it would seem to me that the rally was truly a 'watershed' moment for Meg. While you did create the ruse of being a current political character I do not think that there was any question that you were really there as you.

    Obviously, your wife knew that you were really presenting as Meg and if I read things correctly I suspect that J had things figured out and was comfortable with the situation. I also suspect that P had things figured out as well and that this was the source of his discomfort.

    It was clearly a great day for Meg and the pleasant memories will last forever.


  2. After spending so many years trying to get comfortable as Meg, I wasn't about to act clumsy to deflect suspicion.

    It all felt right.

    As for my wife ~ maybe she's come to terms, and maybe I can tell her about my flying episode. Someday.

  3. Meg
    Congratulations on bringing youself to a level of comfort where you clearly are happy within, and the people around you are, mostly, comfortable with who you are. This is something for us all to aspire to.
    Love Louise


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