Monday, November 1, 2010

Interview Drag

Not really, but a bit.

(The rally report is coming. I promise!)

My only dress shoes are from Aerosoles. They look male at a glance; not if you take a close look. Because they're a bit tight, I wear trouser socks (or black tights) underneath. I'm always of two minds as to whether I should wear my charm bracelet or take it off. I'd have the same issue if I had a tattoo that might show, or wore an earring. Does it seem "in" or does it distract? So far, I've left it on.

I'd love to wear a women's shirt with my suit, but there's something a bit funky with the collars and ties do not seem to sit right. I'm not sure what it is. But if I could find the right shirt, then the suit and tie would be the only parts that are male and I'd enjoy my interviews more.

At least I got to wear a real suit on Saturday (as you're all probably sick of seeing by now). I'd love to wear that to interviews!

Did you ever notice "androgynous" or "unisex" means women wearing clothes that men might wear, and not really the other way around? The only example I can think of (and yes, it's a biggie) was when long hair became acceptable.

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