Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Couple of Notes from the Rally

I'm working on a fuller report. Honest. In the meantime....

During the pre-show, the guys from Mythbusters did a couple of experiments. One involved how long it would take to do a wave from the front of the crowd to the back. (Roughly thirty seconds, for the record.) Then they decided to time the women against the men. I thought about it for a second, and dutifully waved with the women and sat it out for the men.

As part of the show Colbert and Stewart sang a song. On the monitors there were words and a bouncing ball you could follow (does anyone remember them?). Except at one point Jon Stewart changed the words to "men and women and the genders in between". I felt that, not only was he talking to me, he correctly used the word "gender" instead of "sex".

I mentioned to the other Christine (she got her mask from that I bet it took her less time to put her face on than for me. She agreed. She also offered to shake hands and said "I'm Tisha." I said, "hi. I'm Christine." She said "you're staying with that, huh?" I smiled.

If you enlarge the photo, you can read my name tags.

I just had a thought.... Should I write P and say "admit it. I looked pretty darn good"?


  1. Meg
    My first initial is 'P' so does it count if I note that you "looked pretty darn good". I am sure that the next time you are talking to the real 'P' that the subject will arise and you can prod him then.

    From the photos you achieved a totally passable femulation. I would also comment that you look both very happy and still a touch on edge. A nice combination.


  2. Meg.You looked fantastic! Congratulations.
    Maria Victoria

  3. Damn, Hon!
    You really do look great here!... :)


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