Monday, November 15, 2010

Foe Pa

A faux pas from my trip to New York. I packed everything I needed for a conference call, for down time, for the wedding.

I forgot pajamas.

I only own panties. Some are white, in a brief style that look like regular tightie-whities except the fabric is a bit thinner and, of course, they lack a fly.

I often wear those with jeans, or if I have a medical appointment.

The rest are not. They are nylon or cotton or some percentage of spandex in a variety of colours and patterns. Generally, I wear these. If I'm forced into presentation drab (suit/tie) I always wear these. It's just a nice I'd-rather-be reminder.

In the room in New York were my wife, my oldest son, and me. Remembering that he would be in the room and thinking I may be in just underwear at some point, I only brought white cotton with a plain waistband.

No pajamas means this would have been hard to explain. Of course, when I'm traveling on my own, nightgowns are standard. I bring one long and one short. And my pajamas are all women's, in "unisex" styles. Have you noticed that "unisex" almost always means "men's clothes women don't mind wearing?" The only time men have ever reached over to the women's side, that I can think of, is long hair. And that has always had serious limits.

I'm back in Virginia now, working on my last rally report. I've been showing pictures to different people over the last two weeks, and I think I've shown them to everyone I planned to. My final report(s) will be a summary of reactions.

I had no objection to mentioning the rally and my costume to the (wife's) relatives in NY, but it just never came up. It never feels right to force it.

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  1. Meg
    I think I messed up when I went to post this comment. If you get it twice I apologize.
    I presume that your son had to stay in the hotel room in NYC with you and your wife. If so how did you deal with the panty situation in the absense of PJs?
    I followed the link in your blog to the Macy's site for those panties. There were four very favorable comments about their comfort and how they felt when worn. Two of the comments were from men (50%) and neither of them seemed to be you.


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