Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TDoR Report Part III: After The Service

I left quickly, without speaking with other people there.  If I were a different person, I might have asked if I could get up in front of the congregation.  I might have said

I've never been to this church.  I don't know how many people in the congregation are regulars, or how many came, as I did, for this Remembrance service.  From here, I see little groups of one and two and empty seats between.

To reduce the violence in our community, we need to reduce the space between ourselves.  It's sad that even when we come together, we're separate and alone.

I might have, if I were a different person.

I left quickly, after speaking to the two women I mentioned yesterday.

Instead of getting in my car, I walked across the street to the shopping centre.  I walked around a bit, past the Safeway, past the little shoe store I'd never seen before (alas, closed).  Before the service, I walked a lot, looking for the church.  Now I needed some aimless walking time.

At home, I mentioned to my wife that the church seemed to have a LGBT flavour.  She said, "I figured.  And that's why I didn't go.  It doesn't interest me."

That made me sad, too.


  1. I have to be honest, your wife's comment broke my heart a little bit. I am so proud of you for going and showing your support. For all of your getting yourself out there! Hugs!

  2. As Thankgiving day is tomorrow, We can all give thanks and hope that the future has people who understand toleration of other person's ideas. Just because I disagree with someone's ideas doesn't mean "they" should destroy me and my values. Agreeing to agree to disagree is knowledge.
    On a different note, I see that "most" main line fundamental churchs didn't wish to participate, allowing the thought "as the poor die of starvation on the steps of the church the pastor says there is no hunger". I (We) can only hope that we can work with people and create a better understanding of other's lifestyle choices. Maybe we can create a "Rally on the Mall" pushing better understanding for ALL people's values as God wanted us to "love" or a lease care for one another.

  3. I agree. I'm not a supporter of gay rights, or women's rights ~ although I believe in them. I'm a supporter of human rights. Why are so many people against them? That's what I don't understand.


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