Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thank You All. I'm Off the Ledge

I went with the more innocent, fun approach.  No additional pictures.  No additional hints.

I sent P an e-mail, with the subject "K [my wife] Showed Me Your Facebook Page".  I wrote: 

Now all of your friends are going to be looking at my boobs.

He wrote back:

Once they realize, we'll be able to hear bodies dropping.

And I followed up with:

Hey, if anyone wants to see, I can put them on the floor and take a picture. Or drop them in the mail.

No, it's not my best line.  I was tired, I guess.  I'm sure I can do better.

Anyway, he wrote back:

That's ok.  You can keep your boobs to yourself.

He added:

On Family Guy, the Mom admonishes the Dad for getting the son breast implants.  Next thing you see is the son juggling the implants (with his hands, that is).

OK, I would've liked to see the plot go in a different direction myself. :)

I should have stopped there.  I can hear all of your voices telling me STOP.  Hearing and listening are two different skills.  I've mastered the former, but not the latter.  This is clearly a dead end. 

Instead I tried again:

Don't you need three for juggling?  That would make a fun juggling act anyway.

I do think I looked pretty good though. :)

and then went on to talk about other unrelated things.

It would be a fun juggling act.  The banter would be... unique.

He did respond to the "looked pretty good" line.  I thought he'd ignore it again.  He wrote:

Amazing!  Every time I saw you in the corner of my eye, my brain said "woman!"
and then I looked and saw you (Yikes!).

C [his 20-something daughter] thought you looked great, too.

Validation feels good.  I had to pull teeth to get it though.

I think it ends here.  I have nothing more to say without really forcing.

Too bad.  I really want to find a civilian I can interview.  I can't just ask for one on Craigslist.


  1. LOL! That would be fun creating a craiglist ad, though.

  2. I still think there is more to his interest then you are admiting to yourself. I think he may have a side to him you haven't known about. He just doesn't seem to be able to let it go does he? Could get interesting.

  3. I am not sure it will all end here but it is a good place for a pause.

  4. Careful. It's easy to lie to yourself and next thing you know you are doing something you will regret. Is this a conversation you'd be comfortable having in front of your wife or be comfortable hearing your wife have with another man?

  5. Wow...quite the story there, Meg! :)


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