Sunday, November 14, 2010

Four Words

I'm in New York. We came up for my wife's cousin's son's wedding Friday night. I think I mentioned that I'm not a big fan of events like this.

But I have four words that made it worthwhile:

Short skirts, high heels.

If I was to make it six words:

Very short skirts, very high heels.

I also made a discovery. The more I drink (gin all the way) the sadder I get that I'm wearing a suit instead of one of those fabulous dresses.


  1. Meg
    I wonder how many of us round the world have shared those same thoughts. I was at a wedding this year where I was more interested in how I would look in the dresses being worn than I was in who was wearing them. This led me to buy a dress that I would never wear in public, just to see how I looked. Sadly it did not wear well on me. I agree about the drinking also.

  2. Oh Meg, I have always suspected that once you get the girl out and about that sort of thing just gets worse. If so, knowing how hard what you describe is for me, it must have been hell on wheels for you. So sorry. You will make up for it, I am sure.


  3. I love weddings, but I always feel jealous that I can't be one of the pretty young girls wearing a gorgeous dress.

  4. Two weeks ago while you were are the rally I had to drive 5 hours for a wedding. The drinking did not make my jealously over all the pretty dresses and heels any easier to deal with.
    On a positive note it did seem that about half the womem were wearing hosiery. I am not a fan of the bare leg look.
    The bride was stunningly beautiful in her white satin gown but the image was ruined for me when I observed that she was wearing white flip-flops and no stockings.


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