Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Needling Civilians

A few days ago, P sent this satellite photo of the rally with a note: "If you look close you can see [male name]'s boobs."

[By the way, the stage is to the right.  The large empty vertical stretch is 7th street.  The stage is on 3rd.  The original permit was to cover the space from 3rd to 7th.  Everything past that street is really overflow.  Just to the right of 7th there are two white tents.  We were 5-10 people "below" the top tent.  If you look close, you can see my boobs. :)  Click to enlarge the picture.]

I followed with: "Are you trying to say I overdid the padding?" and he wrote back "Nope.  They just stand out - as it were."

Well, they were supposed to stand out, so thank you for noticing, P!  Thinking back, I wish I'd played up the role.  Bounce them around or lean close so they'd be in his face, or just occasionally act overtly feminine.  I should have.  I didn't.  Maybe it's better that I didn't.

I wrote "I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the correct size. :)" to which he replied "I would say that all of DC saw that you paid close attenton to detail.  ;-)"

I didn't respond.  I certainly won't mention that I did spend a lot of time trying to figure out the correct size, but I did that over a long period of time.  Or that I have a lot of other bras in different sizes, and several breastforms.  Actually, I was surprised that he never asked what I used for padding or what size the bra was or if I was wearing women's panties as well, or if I'd ever done this before.  I think this is called "denial."

[Another aside ~ the bra I was wearing was a  Bali Passion for Comfort Soft Taupe.  I really like the way this bra looks ~ it adds curves, in my opinion.  I think it makes a difference.  Yes, the link is another "affiliate link".  If you follow it and buy anything from Amazon, I get a shekel.]

So I think that thread's done.  I don't really have an answer to his last comment.  I do reserve the right to think up a comment.  I don't want to let it get too stale though.

But I wasn't going to give up that easily.  In another thread, P wrote that he may come down when it gets warmer.  I wrote back:

Come down in the spring!  I have a new outfit that's perfect for cherry blossom time!

I spent several minutes trying to decide if I should write "lovely new outfit".  I removed the adjective.  I also rejected "I have the perfect dress for..."

Next note from P simply said "hot pants and a halter top?"

So I wrote "There is a limit to how much shaving I will do."

No answer, but this was just yesterday.

I'd like to stop beating around the bush.  I have an urge to write "is there anything you want to know?" or "I really do have an outfit for cherry blossom time" or "the hardest part of the costume was deciding which suit to wear" or "I had to buy the pearls and the right colour makeup.  I had everything else around the house." or "if you don't want to do cherry blossom, I have the perfect dress for a night at The State Theatre."  (In a previous visit, we saw the Dark Star Orchestra at The State.  Yes, P is a deadhead.  I am only a fan.)

It's probably good that we live 400 miles apart and rarely talk on the phone.  I can edit my e-mails and probably preserve a friendship.


  1. I am enjoying the back and forth between you and P. Keep tongue in cheek and humor handy

  2. Pat! You're no longer anonymous! Woohoo!

  3. Thanks to the referral I figured out how to be a google friend. I even set up a bit of a profile althogh I have no clue how to attach a female avatar to it. I sense that my computer skills are now entering the 1970s era. Perhaps I am only a partial Luddite...not a total one. Sort of like being partially gendered.

  4. "Partially gendered" Pat? Maybe "doubly gendered" or "overly gendered" or "completely gendered".

  5. Good pick. I suppose there are parts of my CD nature that are with me all the time. I suppose I had in mind the part time manifestation of my CD component.


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