Saturday, November 6, 2010

Please Read...

...the comments from yesterday's post. Two anonymous readers, who I'll call Pat and Louise, because that's what they call themselves, started an interesting dialogue. Both make good points and it's a thoughtful follow-up to my comments on how P reacted to me and why I think he did.

Yesterday, in an e-mail P wrote:

I hope there's a next time and they can cover the mall with electronics. Also: we'll be there at 7! unless your having a problem with you girdle or sumptin'.

I followed up with

Admit it. I looked pretty good. Not MILF good, but pretty good.

We discussed some political things, and other rally post-mortem in yesterday's e-mail exchanges, but he ignored this comment.

I'm wondering if I should re-open the issue. This is a chance to get into the mind of a civilian!

I'll be back on rally report in a day or two. I want to respond to one thing Louise wrote:

How does your wife really feel about you? Did she find out by accident?

I can't think of the right word to describe my wife's feelings. On the accepting-indifferent-hostile scale, she's a bit to the right of indifferent.

She doesn't want to see pictures of Meg. She says "I know what she looks like ~ you in makeup." She didn't try to deter me from going to the rally dressed, except mildly. She has been more forceful in the past, although she has never said "no you can't." She has told me in strong terms that she doesn't like my shaving. I told her it's important to my self-image, but I'll refrain except when I'm going out. She agreed to this. She knows when I go out, because I tell her. She knows if I'm alone for a few hours, I'll be dressed. She knows if she goes away with the boys over night, I'll probably be out. I don't know if she knows I dress when I travel. I'm not sure I mentioned it.

Short short answer: she's not happy, but she can ignore the elephant in the room.

As for the second part: for reasons I won't mention, how she found out is something that won't be addressed in the blog. I may change my mind in the future. I know spouse is the big coming out story, but... sorry. This is a secret. I have very few. Ask me anything else.


  1. Meg
    Thanks for sharing how your wife feels about Meg and I can appreciate you not wanting to share how she found out as there must be plenty of bad ways and very few good ways. I often hope that my wife will find out by accident and I will take the consequences but I am way not ready to make it happen other than by total accident.

    I think that I am about the same age as you (and as ladies we will not discuss age)and I feel that I am getting too old to risk coming out with bad consequences.

    With regard to P,I think that because he did not respond to your last remark it adds weight to my thought that he has mixed feelings about Meg/Christine and although he made a light remark that refered to you dressing, I don't think that he really wants to accept the posibility that you might do this more often.
    P.S. the reason for caution with 'anonymous' is we share a PC at home. Anyway, I am as much Louise as you are Meg and right now I feel the Louise side of me strongly.

    Keep up the great blogging,

  2. I recently bumped into an old friend, or should I say a friend I have had for a very long time. He didn't know about my cross dressing, rather than run away from each other we got into conversation, but no comment was made on either side about how I was dressed.
    We exchanged e-mails and agreed to meet up, his comments were "I didn't want top cause any stress when we met - obviously I was a little surprised and also initially confused - as I recongnised you immediatly - but something was diferent!" We meet up again next week maybe I will say more then.


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