Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dilemma + Slightly Sad

Sad: They've been splitting, so I had to cut my nice rounded nails down.

Dilemma: I've been chatting with P via e-mail today. I'm jumping ahead in the Rally Report, but one of the things he said to me as we were coming home was "we should go out to some bars. You can be my wingwoman."

I didn't know what to say to that ~ it was totally unexpected. And I hadn't heard of the concept of "wingwoman" before. I didn't get a chance to answer ~ he turned to the other women and repeated it while I was left to ponder.

Today, I found this link. I sent it to P in an e-mail under the subject Maybe You Had the Right Idea. I wrote "There's money to be made!"

We had a little back-and-forth on this, mostly about his experience with being at concerts/bars/etc with another woman and women seeming to be more interested when he had someone else's attention.

I've been trying to figure out what I should do with this. I see this as an opportunity. I'm not sure if it's an opportunity to have some fun or come out to an old friend. I'm not sure how it'll be taken, considering how he behaved that day.

I sent out a short message last night:

I'd never heard of a "wingwoman" before. I guess that happens when you're out of the pickup loop as long as me. I'm sure I could've found something more appropriate to wear and done wingwoman duty for the night.

Let's see what he says to that.

I was thinking of sending a picture of me in more of a going-out dress, but I decided against that for the obvious reason, plus I don't have time to hunt for a picture tonight.

Early morning update: P wrote on another topic, ignoring this one. I'm still wondering what to do next. I think I'll have to just drop it. I think he wants to remain in denial and probably regrets the statement.


  1. Meg,

    i would take it slow and would not push the envelop too hard or too fast. You have been both of you for a long time. You have a high degree of comfort with all that you are. He, on the other hand, has known one you forever but only met a part of the other you a week or so ago. As it is he only met the character 'Christine' not 'Meg'.

    It is likely that he still does not know what to think. If the subject comes up I would recommend treating it with the well honed 'Meg sense of humor'.

    If he finds himself in need of a 'wingwoman' he knows where to look.

    You have made great strides forward. Keep the edge. Let 'P' deal with the issue on his own terms and at his own pace. I would suspect that he at least realizes that there is an elephant in the room.


  2. Meg
    As I said before I think that P is confused about what he thinks and is perhaps making joke comments to hide this. Yes, I agree that it is likely that he regrests making the comment. Like you, I had to google 'wingwoman' and it just makes his comment all the more confusing when I fully understood the role. I agree with Pat that you should leave him to deal with things at his own pace. If he really thinks that it would be fun to see you enfemme again then he will find a way to make the situation happen.
    You might find the perfect male friend; one who admires you as a female but does not have any sexual interests in you. I wish that I knew such a person who would take Louise out for meals but not have any thoughts beyond that. Anyway, as nobody knows Louise that is unlikely to happen.

    I don't have the problem of split nails; I always use artificial nails, though there is the problem of removing the glue after taking the nails off. Large hands make it a problem finding large enough nails but I like the look and feel of them so live with the disadvantages.

  3. Meg,
    I think 'P' is interested in the Christine side of you and is also unsure how to proceed. Pat is right, for now I would leave the ball in his court and see how it goes. Who knows he may have a side to him you have never seen or suspected existed. I have a feeling he will let you know where and how he would like this to go, when he is sure himself. In any case Good Luck with your adventure and I hope it takes you to good and happy places.

  4. Good luck with this Meg, I wish I had some sound advice, but I'm fresh out here. Hugs!


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