Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Logistics, Part 2 of ?

Major Problem!

But not a showstopper. I just got an e-mail from a very good friend in New York. He's coming down for the rally too. He has not met Meg. I am now officially more nervous than I've ever been prior to going out.

So guess what? He'll be meeting Meg this weekend. I need to decide if I should give him a heads-up first. I'm thinking... no.

Also, my wife told me that a couple of couples we know through our kids' school will be there as well.

Me: then we'll see them there.
She: they won't recognise you.
Me: they'll recognise you.

Back to Logistics....

After work today, I'll get my haircut. I don't want strays peeking through under my wig. And I hate wig caps!

I have printed business cards to hand out. I printed name tags including extras in case one falls off, or someone wants one.

Sorry, no previews.

OK, one preview, but just because Petra had such a great idea!

She wrote: I suppose, btw, that you will be representing the T-Party at the rally?

So in addition to the name tags I was going to put on my jacket, I'm going to add a Proud Member of the T-Party tag. I wonder if my wife knows what I mean. I bet there are some people who will. I wonder if they'll identify themselves. Non-identification is a whole 'nother post.

So.... Are any of you guys coming? So far, I've heard nothing. One of my clients said her church is sending a bus. I'll have to look for her. She might have trouble finding me. But with my prosopagnosia, I'm pretty sure I won't recognise her either. And I will NOT go up to people I (think I) know and say "do I know you? I'm ". For the rally, I'm only answering to Christine.

I'm wondering if my costume will get a lot of attention or be roundly ignored.


  1. Dear Meg,

    Delighted that the whole T-Party theme tickles your fancy.

    I understand your concerns about Mrs. Meg being recognized. Perhaps she might embrace the spirit of the event and join Christine as a Witch. Cloaked, literally and figuratively.

    Mrs. Bellejambes and I have abandoned our plans to visit for the rally, too busy a year it has been already.

    Thanks for flying the banner for us.

  2. You are going to have so... much fun. I'm jealous, It's going to be fabulous day!! I'll look for you on the national news I'm sure I can pick you out from the million people there!
    Of Course, You'll be the BEST dressed!!

  3. Ran into this and thought of you... print on card and put it on a stick for ease of use...

  4. Oh no, Bobbie! I put WAY too much money into makeup and hair to do a mask. I will say that that's one of the few good pictures of her I've found!


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