Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hair Today

This is the wig I plan to wear at the rally. Is it enough like my "target" O'Donnell picture?

The picture is from three years ago. I didn't know I bought those shoes that long ago!

Click to get it up close and personal.


  1. I think the wig will work well...I like th shoes too but they may not be the best bet for trudging around the rally site. You have not mentioned a purse but if your purse is small you may want to schlep along a larger tote to take some nice shoes along for the show so that you can switch shoes depending on the ground surface and your whim of the moment.
    While Coons had described himself as a bearded Marxist he is now pretending to be a moderate tax and spend politician. While the beard is goo you should be able to find a few chrome domes that look like Coons to keep the debate going.

  2. Maybe you can be the next Tina Fey! I think you'll do well, but did you ever think that some tea-bagger might take offense and 'egg' you?


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