Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not a Great Day

A good day though.

I never know how long the family will be away when they go somewhere. I have to plan for the minimum time.

Today, I figured they'd leave around 8 and be back no earlier than 1. Five hours is enough time to get dressed, enjoy being dressed, change back, shower, and put everything away. But I had some things I needed to do, so as enjoyable as getting fully dressed is, I decided to pass.

It turns out they were gone until 4pm which means I could've had eight hours, enough time to do my best (or worst ~ I never know how it'll turn out). On the other hand, I told my wife to call when she left to head home (they were over an hour away). She knows that means playtime while she's out. Instead she called from 20 minutes away ~ if I was dressed I would have enough time to throw everything into the closet and lock myself in the bathroom to take off makeup and start a shower.

Instead I had planned today to be:
1. clean out the closet day
2. look for Halloween options day. More coming soon!

For (1), I took almost everything that's not on a hanger of my closet.

So, other than me, what's in my closet?

There are two rods running the length of the closet. On the left side is boy clothes. On the right side is girl clothes.

Face the boy side and look at the shelf above the clothes and there are (left to right):
* Ten or so shoeboxes more-or-less stacked up. Each box has an A B or C on it ~ A's are the shoes that fit the best for going out. C's I can wear for short periods, mostly around the house, but they're so cute I can't get rid of them. Y'all understand, I think. The ten boxes are about half of my shoe inventory.
* Three large shirt-gift-type boxes stacked up. The bottom one has lingerie ~ slips, a cinch or two, some nicer camisoles, the type that are clearly for under only. The top two boxes have jewelry.
* Small bags with removers ~ hair and makeup. There's no reason that the "removers" are together. I just noticed they are.
* Boxes with breast forms.

Face the girl side and the opposite shelf has:
* Several of those shirt boxes stacked with skirts in each. Each box has a sheet of paper in it that describes each skirt and how it fits and how much (or how little) I like it. The sheets are way out-of-date, because I don't put things back where they belong.
* My "drag bag", also out-of-date. The idea of this large box (like the others but deeper), was to keep everything I'd need if I wanted to dress. I could grab a dress or skirt and top, and shoes and that box and be ready to go. It's a Real Good Idea and I should keep it up-to-date. It's my go-to box if I need a wig or cinch or something else I really want and can't find.

On the floor below my boy clothes are a stack of two 2' x 1' x 1' boxes. The bottom has some miscellaneous girl clothes I rarely wear, or might never wear. The top box has clothes I'm more likely to wear. The back of the closet has another box like the two on the floor. In it are other clothes I rarely wear. On top of that box are two bags large grocery bags with bras, cosmetics, a purse or two, some hose, lots of miscellaneous girlwear. Between the box in the back and the two stacked boxes are plastic grocery or department store bags with stockings, pantihose, tights, thigh highs, and some boxless shoes (like these, for instance). Wigs might be in a box, or the drag bag, or a bag somewhere. Just cluttering the floor are bags with various clothing, and stacks of clothes I haven't figured out what to do with yet.

There are also other non-girl things in my closet, believe it or not.

Today, after everyone left, I took off my shirt and sweats and took almost everything that wasn't on a hanger out of the closet. The stacked large boxes. The bags on the box on the back. The shoes and stuff between the boxes. The "drag bag". The lingerie box. Everything girl that was just sitting on the floor.

Then I got to work.

I grabbed a laundry basket to put clothes for the next clothing swap in.

I started sorting clothes and trying on all sorts of things.

A couple of nightgowns and matching robes. One I like; one goes to the swap.

The six skirts I got from a freecycler. Three I loved, and they fit nicely. One I didn't love and it goes to the swap. One I loved and it's too loose (swap). One I don't have particularly strong feelings for, but it doesn't fit anyway (swap).

Other skirts I picked up in shops, on travel, or from who-knows-where.

There were fewer tops than skirts ~ some I liked, some I didn't, some didn't fit. I had bought some, others were freecycled. The laundry basket is getting fuller.

Some dresses and skirt sets that were in the big boxes. Most were long skirts, which is probably why they were in the boxes. Some I tried on and thought "why isn't this front and center for my next trip out?" Others ~ laundry basket.

I tried on three skirts that are now definitely on the "A" list. Two were grey, one was black and all looked and felt incredible and fit perfectly. An item goes on the "A" list if I try it on and think "I don't ever want to take this off!"

I tried on several wigs and I put a couple (like this one) in the "never again" box and labelled my top four favourites from 1 to 4. I put aside the wig that I think will work best with my costume.

I put my drag bag back together again, although it's now a real bag and it's in that top box along with clothes I like a lot but don't have room to hang up, and two bags of nightgowns ~ one long, one short. I need a couple of new shorties.

I didn't have time to sort through makeup; I put my previous "A list" makeup with the drag bag, as well as the jewelry I wore last time. I didn't have time to go through that either!

I made notes about the clothes I tried on, what I liked, what I didn't, which bras fit best (I tried on several of those too).

I put the bag of thigh-highs into the bottom box; I never wear them. I separated out tights, hose, and stockings into separate bags.

I labelled some bags (LONG NIGHTGOWNS, TIGHTS, CLOTHING SWAP) and put everything away where I can hopefully find it again. I wrote down what is in each box.

Am I done? No. But my closet is a nicer place. And considering the amount of time I spend there.... I'm happier.

As for (2), I tried on three different outfits. Any will be good. As I said, more is coming soon (probably Tuesday).


  1. Meg- Thanks for the insight into your closet.. I need to get my stuff more organized now, lol! :)
    Love the term "drag bag"!

  2. What's in the box(es) marked 'B'?? :)

  3. Shoes that fit but I'm not ready to wear out ~ open shoes or slingbacks that I think gg's wear without hose.

    I NEED my hose!

  4. Have you seen the toeless hose to wear with your open toes?

  5. Meg,
    Good job of laying the guilt on my head. I really need to get into the closets to do a cleanout/inventory. I have stuff stashed away in several places and I really need to go through what I have and weed out the garden. My problem is that I have the bad habit of talking myself into keeping almost everything.


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