Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Keep Fear Alive!

I'm not sure what the Oct 30 rallies are going to be like. I don't know if they'll be separate/competing events or if they'll be co-operative or at least on the same stage. I suspect they're still working on it.

For Colbert's rally, he suggested coming in your "scariest costume".

Jon Stewart hasn't made a comparable comment (so far ~ I haven't seen the last few days yet).

I'll be going to one or both. The worst case: I'll be in my civilian clothes. There are some circumstances that will force that. Best case, of course, I'll be in costume. Girl costume is the only costume I'll consider.

Before Colbert's comment, I was just thinking of doing generic drag. But he got me thinking and I'll do a specific female.

Who I'd be is pretty much a no-brainer.

Christine O'Donnell tea party candidate for the Delaware senate.

She's so darn EASY!

Let's look at the specifics:

1. Long brown hair. Any longish wig will do ~ her hair changes constantly. Do a google image search ~ you'll see.

2. Talk with a squeaky voice. I can do that. It's not terribly squeaky, but sometimes she sounds like she's trying to do a girl's voice. She always sounds like she's trying to explain the idiotic. It's like she's just hearing her ideas for the first time and thinking "that's not right."

3. Bring a little stuffed Mickey Mouse as an example of O'Donnell's claim that scientists were "cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains." Honest. She said this.

4. Bring a little stuffed monkey as an example of a monkey that's not evolving into a human, disproving evolution. Honest. She said "why aren't monkeys evolving into humans as we speak?"

5. Witches hat is optional, but probable, although it would annoy the people behind me.

6. Wear a suit. I have some. I have one that's very like the one in the first picture. I'll post some suit pictures over the next few days.

7. Pearls. I can get some. Maybe with a matching bracelet. No wedding ring. No engagement ring. Listen to her talk for a few minutes and you'll stop wondering why.

8. Hoop earrings. I can get those.

9. Keep some of her stupider comments in mind, like:
Masturbation is adultery.
There are weekly school shootings.
Just because you have medical bills doesn't mean you weren't healed by god.
A socialist economy is when 50% or more of your economy is dependent on the federal government.
There's as much, or more, evidence of creationism as there is of evolution.
AIDS prevention gets too much money.
Obama is 'anti-American'.
I wouldn't lie even to save a Jew from the Nazis.
I won't talk to the national media ~ except Fox news.
I dabbled in witchcraft.
I studied at Oxford.
(the aforementioned comments on evolution and interspecies experiments)

I have never seen a picture of her below her waist. For all I know she rides around on a little platform like this:

But I'll assume not and I'd like to see what sort of hose/shoes she wears. I'll keep looking.


  1. It is a theme that will generate a post over at my place for sure; fear sells. One of my favourite movie scenes of all time is in "The American President".

    Sadly, more and more, fear of this or that group is selling better and better, probably because of the poor economy. Everyone wants to blame somebody for their sad situation, not themselves. It makes it hard for us.

    Anyway, this is supposed to be a light-hearted post, so let's hope that satire will help people get over it all and see how silly this O'Donnell person is. If your costume and being there helps, so much the better!


  2. It sounds like fun Meg (go for the look), but it also sounds like time to move with people(?) like O'Donnell on the ticket.


  3. Meg
    I think that you would be safe with beige, taupe, black or off-black pantyhose. I have seen you in some sensible 3" black pumps that would work with a suit. A bit of a thicker heel rather than a spike which may create issues on the grass and dirt in the mall area, especially if the ground is damp.

    As for her comments please keep in mind that she is running for Joe Biden's old Senate seat and as such inane comments may be a job requirement. Crazy Uncle Joe Biden may have the Senate record for dumb comments and he was the worst spelling politician ("3 letter word spelled J O B S") since Dan, the "potatoe man", Quale.

    Have fun.

  4. Meg
    I wondered when you'd get around to this (pardon) "nut case". Dressing as O'Donnell could be fun going around spouting off her silly comments. In this venue (colbert/stewart) you should not meet violent or mean supporters it should just a "fun time". Use care and enjoy the day!!


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