Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Logistics, Part 5 of ?

My afternoon update.

There shouldn't be too many more parts. There are less than 48 hours to the rally!

Friday, I hope, will be final check day. I just found out that P and J will be hitting town around 1pm. That makes my free time shorter than I'd like. NO makeup dry run, just clothes. I want to wear each candidate pair of shoes as long as possible. I want to get everything together in one place. I want to load my purse, along with a sticky list of What I Don't Have Yet in there so I don't forget anything like SUNGLASSES! I almost forgot SUNGLASSES!

Yesterday, I had my nails done. I showed my manicurist, V, my "target look", that picture of Christine, and told her I'd like my nails done in a female fashion, even though I would "probably" cut them down Sunday, and I said I'd like my brows done just a bit arched ~ I do need to be male more than female, but a little bit would help.

Normally, I would have hesitated to do all that because in the next chair (and they're packed pretty close) was a woman maybe 30 years old. She obviously just came from the office. She was wearing a dark, shortish skirt set that I would have liked to wear, and was getting French nails.

But I didn't hesitate nor whisper. I didn't say "I do this sometimes" because she didn't ask.

The woman in the next chair said "can I see who you're trying to look like? I mean, if you don't mind." I turned the picture so she could see. She said "should I be surprised I don't know who that is?" So I told her. She did recognise the name. V thought it was Sarah Palin. I said "Palin's hard. O'Donnell is easy. I've memorised most of the stupid things she's said." From the lack of further conversation from the next chair, I think she didn't agree with me politically. She was still paying attention. A couple of comments to V got smiles or laughs from my neighbor.

I said it was for Halloween. I didn't say it was for the rally. I've either told people I know I'm going to the rally, or that I'm going to wear a costume to "a political event." I haven't made the connection for anyone. Why? I don't know. It seems safer (smarter?) to let people know after the fact. Sometimes I go with my gut.

I had my nails buffed instead of polished. If P was not coming, I might have gone with clear polish.

She asked if I wanted my arms waxed. I said no, I'd shave, but can she do my hands? She could.

I did shave my arms last night. V suggested that I only needed my hands waxed because of the suit sleeves; I said it has 3/4 sleeves so I could go just a few inches further, but that would look odd if I wore short sleeves the next day. My arms are hairless to t-shirt length. I'll see if that's enough on Friday.

V wants me to come by on Saturday. I may, but it'll be hard to explain. "No, I'm just doing this for Halloween. Well, rally's over. Let's go shopping!"

Hard to explain.

So now my nails are rounded, my brows are slightly arched, and I'm $75 (including a $15 tip) poorer.

I've pretty much spent my girl budget for 2010 AND 2011.

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  1. Well Meg, it seems like all the cosmic forces, along with the stars and the planets are coming together to make this one of the most interesting weekends of your life.

    From your last few posts it seems as if the adreneline rush has already started and the many facets of the upcoming adventure are already falling into place.

    J and P are long time friends. Hopefully they are fully aware of who you are, how you relate to your family and friends and, most significantly, your unique sense of humor.

    The key component to how things go down this weekend will likely be your wife. While you are clearly stretching the envelop I suspect that at this point in time she is concerned that things may go a bit outside her comfort zone and she may be concerned with how things end up.

    I amend my suggestion. Honesty, humor, and a search for a natural and unforced repartee may be the best way to go.

    There are friends and there are acquaintences. It is likely that you will encounter both this weekend. Friends will like and accept you for who you are, warts and all. We all have long time friends that we see only time to time. They live their lives and we live yours. Friends are never perfect but we stay friends nonetheless.

    My best friend is now on his third wife. He is a great guy but just can't seem to keep his pants on. My wife and I remain friendly with him and with both of his ex-wives and his children and former step-children. He has other defects as well and of course you could write a book about my defects but we stay and always will stay friends...warts and all.

    Acquaintences are different. They may relate to you because of the situations Work, neighbors, etc.) in which you find yourself. While you may not care too much about how an acquaintance my view you they are often in positions where they could use information that could harm you.

    Be careful, be cautious, take as many cues from your wife that you can decipher. I suspect that your wife fears embarassment but she also may see herself as having a role to protect you from yourself.

    Good luck...enjoy the ride and the adreneline rush...keep smiling and when questions are asked K.I.S.S. (Keep it short stupid). Honesty and humor should carry the day for you.


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