Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Preview, Not A Review

Since the time I wrote the chicken post and the time I left the office, things changed.

I received a call from a new customer with an emergency. I set a time that would allow me maybe 30 minutes to look around the thrift shop. That's not a lot of time, but it's better than nothing. Besides, I still wasn't sure what I was going to do there: just drop off cards or look around as well.

Then I received a call from a woman I know from a couple of (non-tg) e-mail lists. I don't really know her, but I do admire her. She asked if I could do a favour for a friend of hers who's having some problems (the computer problem is minor; his other problems are life-threatening). The computer problem has to be resolved by tomorrow. The only time we could meet would be right before my first customer, pushing her back a bit.

So the thrift shop visit would be reduced to just dropping off cards.

I want my options open. So I skipped the thrift shop for another day.

I had several comments (go for it, mostly) and a couple of e-mails (mixed) on how to handle the thrift shop. I know I don't think clearly when I'm too close to an issue. If anyone has any ideas, please comment or drop me an e-mail.

I may go there today or tomorrow. I don't want to wait much longer; she'll probably forget what I said by next week. Note to readers: if I walk in and she says "so have you decided to try on dresses today?" it won't matter what I decided. I'm in. :)

So the comments right now are split between:
* yes
* yes, it's for Halloween

The second yes is still the chicken's way out.

The big problem is, she knows who I am. Mostly, I shop anonymously. I hand over a credit card, but that's just a name. My cards have my name, phone number, e-mail, website....

I left cards and brochures at some of the clothing swaps, but I was still anonymous. I didn't stand there, dressed in my finest, handing out cards. The cards sat on a table. There was nothing to connect the woman looking through the clothes with the name on the card. Besides, my name is somewhat androgynous.

So I've offered all the facts. Your opinions are welcome.

Over the next few days, I'll have some pictures of suits "Christine" might wear to the rally. I'll also need to talk to my wife about my Halloween plans. I will report.

Right now, things are up in the air. I don't know if my family will be in town. I don't know if out-of-town friends will be dropping by (maybe to stay with us!). I don't know if local friends expect me to ride in with them. I'll keep y'all posted.

None of these are showstoppers. They're just things I don't know.

Oh.... and I'll have probably One More Post on the thrift shop.


  1. On acting like a chicken: today I bought a dress in a department store. After the fitting I stood in line a couple of minutes to pay for it. The salesman behind the counter remarked nicely: “What a lovely dress, good choice.” I just smiled instead of admitting: “Thank you. It suits me fine”, or words of the kind. How easy it would have been to receive a smile back. So, yeah I’m brave until it comes to clucking.

  2. Corinna,

    You tried on a dress in a department store? You're way above me on the couragometer!

    Often when I buy a dress or skirt, if the cashier says something I'll say "I hope it fits. I didn't have a chance to try it on!" because they always KNOW I'm joking.

  3. I had to look up the word androgynous.

  4. Thank you, kitty cat. I have a new post. :)


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