Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Suit Number Two

This is a dark blue suit that I like but have never worn out. It's a three-piece suit: camisole, jacket, skirt. Alone, the cami fits a bit funky, and I'm not sure why. It might be a tad too small, or maybe I'm shaped a tad too differently than the target body.

With the jacket, it looks good, and I do NOT plan on removing my jacket!

I may wear this cami under the light blue suit, if that's the final vote.

Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them and make me less fuzzy.

(Scroll down ~ there's one more picture there!)

One more suit tomorrow.


  1. Meg -

    Maybe it's because the jacket may tend to lie open more than would be needed for a sense of balance or coverage. Could it be slightly too small, and pulling it further open? I'm not sure, and just tossing out an idea why you might feel the appearance as being off....


  2. I like this way more than the other...nice short skirt and the cami is very pretty!


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