Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Logistics, Part 4 of ?

The weather forecast for Saturday: partly cloudy, high of 62. I'm glad the rally isn't today. Early this Wednesday morning, it's already over 70 but raining heavily.

I don't expect a good prediction more than a day in advance, but the weatherbug expects it to be 46 when I leave the house, and only 52 at the start of the rally.

This is a bit cooler than I'd like. I'm leaning towards tights instead of hose, and thinking about the second place suit (the light blue) because it's a bit heavier. The purple is even heavier, but I think the blues look more senatorial.

As I've said, Meg's a fair-weather friend. Cold and rain and snow keep Meg home. If I go shopping in the cooler months I brave the walk from the car to the shops and walk around the mall unencumbered by a coat.

But I'll be out for five or six hours (or more) and maybe a coat is in order.

My Tuesday schedule was:
work at the office
see a customer to return a computer
eat dinner
go to a seminar about college costs.

I'd rather not spend a lot of money on a coat or jacket. I'd like something I can grab quickly, wear once, and give to the clothing swap. Coats take up too much room in the closet!

Hmmm.... I wonder.... If I put enough stuff in the closet, maybe there won't be room for me in there. ;)

So, magically, yesterday morning, the thrift shop called. Their computer is broken and they want me to drop by. So now my shcedule changed: sneak that in before/instead of dinner. And reluctantly look at coats. And I'll see if they received any new shoes in my size. I mean, what the heck. I'm there already!

Follow-up: my pre-thrift shop customer was late, so I switched them. That meant no time to shop. And, as it turned out, no time for dinner (and I skipped lunch). I guess this will help maintain my girlish figure.


Wednesday (that's today) is interview, manicure with buff, not polish, brow wax (that's spelled "brOW Wax"), and anything else I think I'll need as long as I'm in the mall again. Maybe I'll look around the department stores while the red fades from my brows.

I'm going to try to work at home on Friday, so I can take breaks and do a clothing dry run, and wear my new shoes for a few hours. And I want to practice my lines. I won't know what people will say to me, but I want to be ready with what I say to them!

Oh.... I've been trying to figure out if I should tell my friend P about the costume before the rally. He's coming down with J, who knows what I'll be wearing. She'll tell. I know J.


  1. O Meg, you will regret the coat. Lots of walking will have your thermostat running warm.

    Take a page from Cindy McCain's look book - a nice (fake) Pashmina scarf provides a pretty barrier against the chill, is easy to stuff into your bag when the day warms up, is o-so-chic-and-of-the-moment, and projects the sort of families values vibe that I know is important to you.

    Cheers - Petra

  2. Petra, you are right about the family values. I wouldn't even lie to protect Jews hiding from the Nazis.

    Oops. I fell into character again. :)

  3. Meg
    Since J knows you will be going as Christine and since J and P will be traveling together you can rest assured that your portrayal of the Senate candidate will be discussed during the ride. As such you may want to tell P that you are going as this current political character as a spoof. P will find out in any event so my thinking is the sooner the better.
    Under this scenario you are keeping to your mission of 'no more stories'.
    Good luck and keep us posted.


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