Thursday, October 14, 2010

Suit Number Three

Of three. We're done. I have some others, but these are the ones I'm considering. This one fits fairly well. The skirt is very full; lots of material there. It has longer sleeves than the others, which may be important on a cold Halloween day.

The camisole in the full shot is red with red lace trim. The head shot shows a cotton cami, of the same style I mentioned with the light blue suit. I'm not sure why I fell asleep before that picture was taken. I had two. My eyes are closed in both.

Please click on the picture to see it in all of its glory!

And tell me what you think ~ in comments or e-mail!

Thrift shop tomorrow!


  1. Number 3 for sure. It looks best on you and is most in keeping with the style of Christine O'Donnell and it is in best sync with the colors of the season.
    Christine looked pretty put together in the debate last night against Coons. She had a black business suit on that worked well for the career/business/senator woman. I did not get a good look at her lower half as she sat behind a table for the debate but it looked like she had the matching skirt, hose and heels.
    Have fun

  2. Try mixing them up With some dark colored (grey, black, blue) tights and high boots. I like 2, most versatile.

  3. I'm with the last poster--number 2 is the best

  4. Having seen all three now, Meg, I think the #1 shows you off beautifully. I love the colour of #2 on you, but the jacket looks very shapeless when undone (although it could just be the pose). Regardless, you look fantastic!


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