Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Dry Run ~ Update!

There may be another update later.

Washington plans to be cold. The pre-rally show starts at 10am, so we're going to have to leave pretty early. To leave here by, say, 8, I will have to get started at 6. I don't know when I'll eat breakfast. And my guests will be pretty much on their own.

This morning, I retried the three suits, along with my new O'Donnell lipstick (not bad) and my new t-shirt, which has longer sleeves than I thought. I shaved WAY up my arms and didn't need to. That doesn't mean I didn't want to, but I didn't need to. I also am trying to get used to the hoops, longer wig, and pearls.

I am layered up.

Layer one: bra and cinch and tights
Layer two: full slip
Layer three: t-shirt
Layer four: skirt and jacket.

I'm hoping my legs don't freeze off.

I'm also trying my new shoes. I wore the thrift shop shoes for about two hours, mostly standing and walking and walking up and down stairs. They felt fine. Then I switched to my new payless pumps. They look good and feel good except for that ingrown nail. They really push down on the nail. I think I'll have to pass on the pumps for now, and go with the other ones.

Hold on. Did I say "retried the three suits???" Yes I did. "Why?," you ask.

Because I wanted to see how each looked with just the t-shirt top. Because I wanted one last shot. Because I'm worried that, even though the dark blue is the length I like, it's a bit too short for sitting at the Mall and the weather.

Long hair lesson learned: swinging your head makes your hair move in unexpected ways. This includes coming in contact with your mouth. Lipstick is sticky, when it comes to hair. How do you girls do it? Shaking my head makes it look like I'm eating a hair sandwich.

In order to hold an event on the Mall, you need to request a permit. I think it costs $50, but there may be additional costs and requirements (like port-a-potties) depending on the expected crowd.

This is from the rally permit request:

10 a.m.-noon: Pre-Pre Show
Video montages/music will play on the Jumbotrons around the venue to entertain the crowd as they gather.
Noon- 1 p.m.: Preshow
12:00-12:40: The Roots will play for the crowd.
12:40-12:57: Comedian (TBD) will warm-up the audience.
12:57-1 p.m.: Video countdown & intros
1-3 p.m.: Show
1-1:05: Singing of the national anthem (musical guest TBD)
1:05-1:20: Jon Stewart welcomes the crowd
1:20-1:30: Stephen Colbert enters
1:30-1:35: Benediction by actor Don Novello
1:35-1:40: Poem read by actor Sam Waterson [that's the Park Service's incorrect spelling]
1:40-1:50: Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples perform
1:50-2:15: Stewart and Colbert perform
2:15-2:20: Sheryl Crow performs
2:20-2:30: Guest speakers make brief statements, both live and taped (TBD)
2:30-2:40: Musical guest (TBD)
2:40-2:40: Sanity and Fear awards -- pre-taped footage.
2:50-3: Stewart and Colbert's final statements

Finally, here's the unofficial Christine O'Donnell kit. Get yours today! Only $299.95! Click for full size. Yes, I know you know that.

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