Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Shopping

I picked up some costume accessories but haven't tossed anything, as I promised I would yesterday. I do have that giant bag of clothing for the swap, so I don't feel guilty about it. Besides, everything could fit in a pocket with room for my car keys, wallet, and an extra pair of hose in case mine run. :)

In the pictures I've seen of O'Donnell she's always wearing a pearl necklace. It seems like she has quite a few ~ I've seen several. Sometimes she's sporting a matching bracelet.

She also seems partial to hoop earrings.

Check, check, and check. Clearly, my budget doesn't allow real pearls. It doesn't even allow nice fake pearls. But the ones I bought look OK and all three items cost under $50.

The most amazing thing: I went into Macy's, went down to jewelry, found the items I wanted, bought them and left. I didn't get drawn into dresses or misses or lingerie. I did walk up and down past cosmetics, just because, well, I like to. But I bought what I wanted and left.

I know what you're thinking: typical guy. :)

Here's what I'll be wearing (click to enlarge):


  1. Meg
    It is not a problem to be a "man on a mission" even when shopping for ladies accessories.
    One of the more enjoyable aspects of our CD nature is the ability to work both parts of our personna at the same time. Enjoy your duality.

  2. Meg- O'Donnell, ha! :)
    I think she might benefit from a 'real' pearl necklace!


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