Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some Little Bits

Christie and Me

First, this --->
is the look I'm going for. Click to make her larger. I printed a glossy of this that I can go take to MAC (maybe) and ask if they have a lipstick in this colour.

Did you know that the first amendment says there's a separation of church and state? I had no idea!

Sorry. I was getting into character. :)

It looks like neutral eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, blush, pink-y-ish lip gloss, pearls, hoop earrings. I'll post a picture with the wig I'm considering.

And now the suit!

It looks like Dark Blue wins by a length.

I showed my wife the suit and said "this is what I'm planning to wear to the rally". She looked at it, frowned, and said "does she wear skirts that short?" I said "I don't know. I've never seen her below the waist."

That was her only comment. Discussion over.

One e-mail mentioned that the sleeves seem awful short. Now I'm wondering ~ please take a look. Are they? She mentioned that I should avoid the watch and bracelet. I think she's right ~ they make my arms look long. I'll drop the watch, but probably go with the pearl bracelet.

One More Thing

As I mentioned, I've never done a character before. I've done roles (for different reasons) but never taken on a persona. I don't count Meg ~ I'm just being me, ramping up the femme as much as I can (unfortunately, never enough).

I hope to think like her. Before I talk, I'll have to think "I'm Christine. What should I say?" or I'll have to have preplanned responses. I'll have a few, but certainly not enough for all of the different circumstances that can come up.

I'll try to have a Responses For All Occasions post soon. I'm open to suggestions. One hard thing is listening to her so I can get the feel of being Christine.

At the rally, I'm only going to answer to "Christine" so if anyone here sees me there....


  1. If that photo is any indication, a head tilt with a very pensive look would be good to cultivate. LOL

    Watch lots of videos of her actions and have a blast 'doing her'!

  2. I think it's funny that Christie is probably the hotest halloween costume this year and it's to late for the manufactures to get it to the market.
    It appears to me that a watch and bracelet would help to detract from the short sleeves.
    If you wish, could you use "sweater keepers" you know the elastic bracelets "thing" girls use to push up the sleeves. Like you are hot and cooling off your arms. Here's hope we see a photo, but do have FUN!

  3. Couple of things to keep in character--maintain a vapid smile, it seems to be her default expression; and try to keep the voice on the high, girlish side. Say "I'm you" a lot.


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