Sunday, October 24, 2010

Li'l Bit of Prep

I had a customer sorta kinda on the way to a mall, so I went. I spent longer than I had planned, but it worked out OK.

I entered through a Macy's. The jewelry counters were right by the entrance so I started looking for smaller silver hoops. I think the ones I got weren't really Christine's style. I picked up a pair.

Next on my list was makeup. I passed on Macy's and went to Sephora. A woman asked if she could help and I said "I hope so. How are you with colour?" I explained that I had a picture and I was trying to match that look, for Halloween. She called over someone else who she said would be better. The first SA explained to the second that I was trying to match a look in a photo. I showed them the photo, they both laughed, and the second SA went to work. She decided lipstick and gloss were called for and picked out ones that would match. She tried a couple of different ones on her wrist looking for the best match. I asked if lipliner was called for; she looked at me and said no ~ my lips were better than Christine's.

She also didn't know who the picture was. I asked; she guessed Palin. I told her she was a Senate candidate and most people probably won't know who she is, but this is for a political event.

She picked out three shadows and drew me a picture of how/where to put each on.

She picked out a dark brown/almost black eyeliner.

At one point, she asked if I was going to do my own makeup. I said "how hard can it be? Twelve year old girls do it". She grinned and I said "this isn't the first time I've done this". I mentioned that a couple of times, even though I really like having women teach me how to do makeup.

So yes, I had foundation. Yes, I had mascara. I told her I have a suit and hair and pearls ~ Christine always seems to wear pearls.

I'd love to go to the mall and show her how I look after the rally, but I think it'll be late, I'll be tired, and it'll be difficult to explain to my wife's friend. If she wasn't here, I'd consider a girl's night out with the local CD group.

There was a toy store nearby; I looked at monkeys but didn't see quite what I was looking for. I saw others at a Hallmark store, but I shall keep looking. No Mickey Mouses anywhere.

Oh.... I picked up the business card forms and nametag-size paper yesterday on my way to the interview.

I wanted to look at something to wear under a suit. I'm thinking plain black, maybe satiny. Yes, the dark blue has it's own camisole. I want something for those other suits too. I'm considering a cami or tank or T-shirt. With a T, I could remove my jacket if I want to!

No luck. I just didn't see what I wanted. I'll leave it on my list.

I went to Payless and picked up a new pair of shoes, pictured here.

My (very long) short list is getting shorter. I'll feel better when I have the cards and nametags printed and everything I want in the house.

Monday, I plan to get my haircut and neck waxed and I'll look for a cami, monkey, and mouse.

So here I am, $150 closer to Halloween. I'm glad this only comes once a year!

Saturday DC forecast: partly cloudy, high 61.


  1. Nice day out, nice to put check marks on a document, yes?

    And nice to have an informed chat with a sales assistant with no evident hang ups about things that make us happy.

    I suppose, btw, that you will be representing the T-Party at the rally?

  2. You know...I'm thinking your business cards should have this *shoe* design on them!?!? :D

  3. Petra ~ I LOVE it! No-one (except for us) will know what I mean though.

    Which makes it even better!

    Weave ~ I did "business cards" for my Mardi Gras party that had femme themes on them with my regular business info.

  4. So proud of you Meg! You're gonna look GREAT!

  5. I just ordered the same shoes from Payless, along with a pair of Mary Janes. They look like they will be comfortable with a reasonable heel!


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