Friday, July 2, 2010

Mentioning the Unmentionables

Gurls my age know the term "unmentionable". :)

I like Vanity Fair panties. They seem to be the most comfortable (ie, roomiest). I only wish they had a bigger variety of colours and patterns. I'll make sure I have a clean pair for travel day.

After trying different forms with different bras, I settled on a pink soft cup bra (Bestform, I think it is). I usually wear a Beauty by Bali (soft cup) bra because it gives me a nice curve, but I wanted to tone that down a bit for the trip. You can see what I mean by curve in the picture here. Then as I was getting ready for the clothing swap I came across a Sears bra ~ my very first bra. I tried it on, I liked it, I wore it at the swap, I hand-washed it, and it's going on the airplane with my new forms.

I have four sets of forms. My first are my favourites, but they're starting to show their age. I think packing them in bags in my luggage is not the best idea, even with burying them within my clothes. I need something with a harder side to protect them. So I replaced them with the same type (GL-2000 from GlamourBoutique). They came with tape to keep them in place, but I doubt I'll use it. I've said I doubt I'll do a lot of things as Meg and changed my mind. I certainly won't tape them on this trip. I'm trying to avoid doing anything for the first time on this trip!

The other forms are OK. Both are a harder silicone than the GL-2000. One is from Magic Curves and they slide when I'm sweaty ~ the Magic Moving Boobies is not a very realistic look, I think. The other ones don't have any pedigree and I can't find the order info right now, but the nipples are very prominent with the Sears bra. I don't think the Perpetually Excited look is what I'm going for either.

I'll bring a couple of pairs of hose to the hotel and probably put one in my purse as well. I'm not as gentle with hose as I should be and backup won't hurt. I think I'll go with pantyhose, unless I can find a good not-extremely-sheer pair of stockings tomorrow.

My cinch will come with me, but I'll see how I look with the top out and no cinch. If my tummy is behaving, that's one less thing I need to wear.

And I'll bring a slip, just because I like them. I don't know if I'll wear it yet. The skirt doesn't need it, but it's not lined and a slip just feels nice, you know?

I'm certainly glad we got over that "unmentionable" taboo.


  1. Nice rack! :-) No seriously, I luv that pic!

  2. You look great! I love that bra/form too...
    VF are hard to beat, aren't they?


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