Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Packing for Two

I had a little time this evening so I started to get everything I'll need for the hotel transformation ready. It's a big, heavy bag and it doesn't even include clothes!

Purse: empty for now, but it'll get my driver's license, credit cards, cash, health and auto insurance cards (with that important 24 hour service number), tissues, glasses, contact case, some makeup, and my camera with extra batteries.
makeup: blush, eyeliner pencil, pencil sharpener, several eye shadow shades, foundation, powder, cover stick, lipstick, lip liner, lipstick brush, makeup brushes, eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler, eyelash comb, eyebrow brush.
hair: wig, wig brush. I loathe wig caps. The wig is airing out right now. I bought some wig shampoo but it was nasty.
bling: my lapus bracelets/necklace, but I think I'll wear a gold bracelet and black necklace. The earrings are gold + black so that might work. Plus, a couple of rings. And sunglasses.
can't forget: nail polish remover, eye makeup remover, contact lens solution + extra case

Not yet in the bag: razor, blades, shaving cream, tweezer, contact lens. I noticed one has a black smudge that won't go away. If it insists on not going away, I'll replace it. I hope I have another pair! And my watch, but I have to get a battery first.

Next, I have to make a bag with essentials: panties, cinch, hose (2-3 pair, just in case), slip, 2 pair shoes (my flats and my 9-to-5s ~ I'm still not sure which I'll wear), bra, forms, top, and skirt.

I know I'm forgetting something! Other than to calm down. I keep forgetting that. And to sleep. I've been getting four hours a night, then I wake and think and plan and forget to sleep.

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  1. Meg
    Keep your chin up. We are all rooting for you. Rest assured you will take many items that you will never use and ou will forget at least something that you will wish you took.
    Good luck as the big day nears. I wish you cool weather. I know I would never be out without my pantyhose but even I would have been hard pressed to get too dressed with the current heat wave.


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