Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Cancelled the Hotel.

As I said, the hotel would not guarantee me arrival at 10am. They said 1pm would work, but that's roughly when I have to be heading to the airport. The airport is six miles from the hotel and they have a free shuttle.

My carefully-crafted plan was to taxi to hotel (18 mi) then take the hotel shuttle to airport. The taxi is on expense; the hotel (about $100 with tax), of course, is not.

This meant leaving my key in the room and not officially checking out, which worried me a tiny bit. I'm sure people do that all the time. It's not as bad as the time I kept the rental car key and got on a plane. :)

Also it means more local people who know my real name and what's going on (the shuttle people). Since there will be about 1000 people at the airport who know, that doesn't bother me. I wonder if they put a note in your TSA file so next time they're not surprised.

So here's plan B:

Instead of shaving/showering/shaving closest at the hotel, I'll do that at home. One plus: I can put on my panties and hose (and maybe other underclothes) at home so I get a jump on dressing. If no-one's home, I will wear my girl flats. I could drive myself to the airport, but my car will be at the airport for a week. Oh ~ I'm also returning to a different airport. :) So I'll take a taxi to the mall (10 mi away; there is no mall near the airport). I'll bring my suitcase and laptop to a family restroom. I know they have them; I've changed there before (but not put on makeup). I'll change. I'll get my nails done (I should have time! I'll figure out the schedule soon). When I'm done, I'll call for a taxi to the airport (about 12 miles from the mall). Since the two cab rides will cost more than my usual ride, I'll pay the difference. But that's cheaper than a hotel room!

One odd thing. Last time I was dressed at that mall, I went into a salon and they said their manicurist wouldn't be in until the afternoon. Maybe they didn't want my business; maybe she works part-time or by appointment. It doesn't matter. There are at least four nail places in this mall!

From there, I carry on as planned. I see three problems with this, as opposed to the hotel. First, my facial hair will be a bit longer when I get to my destination. It shouldn't be a problem. It's less comfortable to change in the family restroom. I've done it a couple of times. I've never put makeup on there. Also, I have to get a cab dressed (instead of the airport shuttle ~ not a big minus, I guess) and I may have to wait around at the mall for a bit. The big plus: I have busted my budget big time in the past month. So much so that I was in Burlington looking for a black bracelet to match my black necklace. I found one! Then I decided to not spend the $5. And it was with a few other black/mostly black bracelets. And it was a perfect match for the necklace. So I save $100 or so and I'm happier about that.

I just called and cancelled the hotel.

By the way, since I'll be in a mall, I was thinking of having someone there do my makeup. I've had it done twice in that mall, at different salons. Plus they have department stores, a MAC store, Sephora.... A world of riches. But I've found that salon makeovers use a lighter touch than I need to be convincing. I look good, but not as female as I'd like. So I'll do it myself.

Plan B it is.

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  1. Have fun tomorrow! (I won’t say ‘Good Luck’, because it isn’t about being lucky ) Don’t forget to relax and breathe deeply; be sure to take your time, and – above all - enjoy the day. Remember that you won’t be the star attraction at the airport (assuming you don’t wear those killer shoes), so just carry yourself with grace and calm. …oh, and did I forget to tell you to enjoy the day?


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